From Lagos to the Forty Acres: Tolu Kalejaiye

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Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Tolu Kalejaiye came to UT to study computer science. Now a junior, he’s an active member in ASA where he performed and choreographed the guys’ dances in Fest Africa, and SOFC where he plays soccer. He recently joined Men of Excellence, a fairly new organization targeting minority groups dedicated to mentor first-year male students.

HCTX: Why did you decide to join the organizations you are in?
Tolu: I joined ASA as a freshman because I was hoping to meet more Africans here.
It’s one of my favorites out of the ones I’m in. The people are great and it’s a lot of
I joined Men of Excellence because at that time, I felt as if I wasn’t involved in
enough organizations on campus. I felt like I should try to take more of a leadership
role and initiative. When I got the offer to join, I took it. It seemed like a great
I joined SOFC because I love playing soccer.


HCTX: What do you do in your spare time?
Tolu: I play soccer, read, sleep and I play FIFA. If I’m not playing soccer, I’m most
likely playing FIFA.
HCTX: You like to read? What’s the one book/series you can read over and over
Tolu: The Alex Cross Novels by James Patterson. It’s about a detective who is also a
psychologist and he solves murders by serial killers.


HCTX: What do you want to do after you graduate?
Tolu: I want to go back home to Nigeria at some point and start a company.
HCTX: If you could be anyone in the world, living or dead, who would you be?
Tolu: I would be President Obama. He looks like he has a lot of fun being the
Top played songs on his iPod:
-Kendrick Lamar: Money Trees
-Drake: Underground Kings
-Miguel: Arch & Point
-Kendrick Lamar: Rigamortis

Photo cred: Tolu’s Facebook

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