Grace Holzer '15

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Year: Class of 2015 (middler)
Major: Business with a concentration in marketing and management

HC: What are some of your hobbies?

GH: Crafting, Skating, Running

HC: What would you say some of your greatest accomplishments are?

GH: During my freshman year here, I volunteered with Jumpstart Americorp. Throughout the year I was able to complete a 300 hour requirement of volunteer hours with Jumpstart through Americorp. It was a huge time commitment but was completely worth it.. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had because I was able to work with kids ages 3-5 and help them with reading and general literacy skills. It was interesting to see the children improve and grow while you were there.

HC: Tell me about your involvement in skating.

GH: I got involved in skating because my mom put me in group lessons at 9 years old. When I was going into high school, one of my coaches was also a synchronized skating coach and told me that I should join our rinks local team. I have been synchronized skating since.

HC: Who are some of your role models?

GH: My family has definitely been the main place I look to for advice and encouragement. Everyone in my family is strong and independent. They’ve always been excellent examples when it comes to treating others, genuine empathy, and motivation in reaching goals.

HC: What is your day like?

GH: I was on coop this semester so I head to work around 7:30 am and I’m there until 5. When I get back from work I either head to the gym for a work out or go and skate with my teammates for a few hours. If I have a night off, I typically enjoy going to dinner with other resident assistants that are on my staff or friends. My weekend is a bit different than a typical college weekend. I usually wake up pretty early on Saturday and head to skating. My team practices at a rink in Marlborough so it usually takes about an hour or so to get there. We then have off-ice training that consists of core work and cardio. On-ice lasts 3 hours and is usually our toughest practice of the week.

HC: How do you balance between academics and extracurriculars?

GH: Part of balancing all of it is knowing the chunks of time that I have available. I prefer to study at night and when I get back from late night skating I head to the library to get more work done. There is also a significant amount of travel time whether it be to competitions or practices so I try to use that time wisely. I also try to have at least one free day or afternoon per week to rest and do something that doesn’t have to do with skating or school.

HC: What's your favorite thing about Northeastern?

GH: My favorite thing about Northeastern is the little traditions, like rubbing the husky’s nose before a big test or the underwear run on parent’s weekend. I like that these things form a stronger community at NU and they make our school unique.

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