The End of the Semester as Told By Grown-ish

It’s that time of the year again… the final stretch, the last couple of weeks until the semester is over. We’re all tired and exhausted from the last 3 months of late nights, tedious assignments and long papers. We all just want to go home, but we still have to endure the agony of finals week. So here are some GIF’s from Freeform’s new breakout show Grown-ish to explain exactly how we feel.

1. When you just stop showing up to class because you “accidentally” ignored you alarm

Via Giphy

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2. When you begin to lose all focus and nothing is making sense anymore

Via Giphy

3. But then you take an L on an assignment so you decide to have a dance party to shake it off

Via Giphy

4. When you stop wanting to go out every weekend because you are just that tired

Via Giphy

5. You just start throwing on anything to go to class

Via Giphy

6. Finals week arrives and there is nothing that can save you

via Giphy

Just two and a half more weeks Patriots! We got this!


Brianna "Bri" Hayes is a Community Health, pre-nursing student from Richmond, Virginia studying at George Mason University with a strong passion for editorial and journalistic writing. She spent her whole high school career studying communications and media relations under a broad spectrum, including experience in journalism, public relations and marketing, videography, film and production, graphic design, and photography. In her spare time, Brianna likes to read and explore new places and things. After graduation, she hopes to fulfill a career in nursing with dreams of becoming a Family/Women's Health Nurse Practitioner.

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