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Hey Bucknellians! It’s OK…

Posted Jan 10 2013 - 12:00pm
Tagged With: Hey It's Okay


-       to more often than not sleep in until 11am over winter break

-       to have breakfast for dinner

-       if the only party you’ve been to this January is a Downton Abbey premiere party

-       to be a little bored with repeated magazine headlines. How many times have you read a “special hair section” anyways?

-       but to also have been obsessed with Lizzie McGuire’s crazy yet creative hairstyles when you were a pre-teen

-       to read Tina Fey’s, Mindy Kaling’s, and Ellen DeGeneris’ hilarious books all in a row

-       to store your favorite childhood books under your bed because you can’t imagine getting rid of them

-       to browse countless online shopping sites but not buy anything. Sometimes it’s just fun to look.

-       to take a stab at a New York Times crossword puzzle everyday and still not finish one…effort certainly counts for something!

-       to be overly excited to get back  to school from winter break and see all your friends 

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