11 Hottest Female Professors in the Country

Usually when we think of a professor, an image of an Albert Einstein look-alike comes to mind. Maybe he’s wearing a tweed suit, a bow tie, or bifocals. But with sites like Rate My Professor judging instructors on their hotness level as regularly as on their teaching skill, it’s no surprise that this image is becoming passé.  There are a number of professors today who are adored by students for their teaching ability AND their personal style.  The ladies we’ve chosen are part of this new class of professor.  They are smart, driven women who excel in their field and look great while doing it. 

1. Dr. Jean-Marie Dauplaise
School: University of Wisconsin - Stout
Department: English
Why she’s on our list: Dr. Dauplaise is a woman who is serious about her work, but also finds a way to look impeccable every day.
Students say: “Dr. Dauplaise is the best teacher that I have ever had. I have always hated English and she made it fun and interesting, and helped me learn a lot.”

2. Dr. Lesley Yoder
School: Boston University
Department: Languages
Why she’s on our list: Dr. Yoder has a simple, well-fitting style that any collegiette ™  could mirror.
Students say: “It's very unlike me to look forward to attending class, but somehow, Dr. Yoder did such a fantastic job putting together her curriculum and presenting it in extremely interesting ways, that I found myself looking forward to every class throughout the semester. Great class!”
Fun Fact: Dr. Yoder has been on the Rate My Professor list of hottest professors for six consecutive years!



Allison Lantero is a recent graduate of Boston College where she graduated with honors after being "called out" by the Secretary of Transportation during commencement. She's spending her summer writing and applying to grad schools in DC for the fall. She is a frequent contributor to HerCampus as well as her school newspaper, The Heights. When she isn't writing, or playing lawyer, Allison loves travelling, especially to Venice, Italy where she studied abroad. She is looking forward to moving into an apartment in Washington and working for Ray LaHood in September.

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