Lauren Conrad Isn’t Using the Word ‘Skinny’ on Her Blog Anymore

Lauren Conrad, fashion designer, author and the only reason we watched “The Hills” for so long, announced on Monday that she will no longer use words like “skinny” or “thin” on her blog,

In her Letter from Lauren: June Shape Up, she wrote to her readers, “Starting this month, we’ll be banning any body shaming terms from the site [like ‘skinny,’ ‘slim,’ and ‘thin’] and replacing them with words like ‘fit,’ ‘toned,’ and ‘healthy.’”

The post received positive comments from readers, one writing, “Great move, Lauren! I know some people may complain about being overly [politically correct], but the fact of the matter is that everybody’s goal is to be fit and healthy, not just skinny.”

While Conrad’s “summer shape up” posts will revolve around effective workouts and healthy recipes, the focus will be more on celebrating on being fit, not a size 4. “The word skinny will now be reserved for skinny jeans,” Conrad wrote on her site. “Every body is created differently—and healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.”

What do you think about this move, collegiettes?

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