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Rachel Peck

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50 Reasons You Deserve A Summer Vacation


Summer "vacation," for many ambitious collegiettes, is just an excuse to intern or work and, inevitably, to store up some serious stress.  Whether it's a date with the city or a week on a beach, here are 50 reasons why you—yes you, with the unstoppable resume and the less-than-adorable bags under your eyes—deserve a little summer vacation.

1. It's one of your last.

2. You survived finals.

3. You have your whole life to work long hours.

4. The dark circles under your eyes are begging you to sleep.

5. The complete series of Sex and the City is just WAITING to be watched…in full...again...

6. You could use another crazy summer story.

7. Your friends are going!

8. You can catch up on your summer reading.

9. You don't want your piggy bank to overflow and break, so you should probably spend some money on a trip.

10. You’re not going to look cute in a bikini forever!

11. Even your favorite TV shows are taking a summer hiatus.

12. You'll feel stupid returning to campus without a classic summer story.

13. Vitamin D is good for your health.

14. That sundress that's just too short to wear to work needs to make a public appearance before the end of the season.

15. You put up with the loud guys next door all year.

16. You'll come back to your job rejuvenated and ready to work even harder!

17. You could run into a celebrity.

18. Sand exfoliates your skin.

19. You just spent 6 months in a library.

10 Things NOT To Do On A Valentine's Day Date


Long before it was immortalized as a sub-par romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day has been infamous for anxiety. There’s nothing like an evening of high expectations and commercialized intimacy to make us wish February 14th was just the day in 1912 when Arizona was admitted as the 48th state (look it up). But there’s no escaping the rose petals, romantic greeting cards, and spike in chocolate sales—so here’s how to make it through. For your own sake, please don’t…

1. Bring a Friend

No matter how much you want him to meet Amanda or hit it off with Lauren, leave the crew at home. “But they’re so fun!” Nope. They’re probably not. Even a double date is two too many. Sorry, but regardless of whether the thought of spending an extended amount of time alone with your date is a huge relief or provokes a nervous rash, this one is all you.
2. Reference Next Year’s Valentine’s Day

Nothing says, “I just went from having a good time to having premature anticipatory anxiety about the longevity of our relationship” like referencing a date that’s a year away. If an event is too far in advance to ask a friend what you should wear to it, you shouldn’t bring it up on V-Day.
3. Buy Him a Car

10 Conversation Starters for Even the Most Painful First Dates


You can only read the menu so many times before eventually deciding on the lasagna, lowering the wine list, and making grown-up conversation with your date.  For the nights when the witty dialogue you rehearsed in front of the mirror is failing you, pull out these go-to conversation starters to silence the metaphorical crickets. 

“Tell me about your family. Brothers? Sisters?”

Families are complicated. Everyone has a crazy uncle or a messy divorce or a long-lost twin that they’re not trying to bring up over appetizers. But they also have funny stories that you’ll relate to—who hasn’thad a weird family secret revealed at Thanksgiving after Grandma got a little too tipsy. By asking about his family without prying or probing, you can learn a lot about your date.  And maybe even his equally handsome long-lost twin!

“So are you a movie person or a TV person?”

Warning: Do not ask this question if your taste in either movies or TV shows is incredibly lame. (“Oh you like The Godfather? I’m a huge fan of Stomp The Yard…”) But, if you watch a show you’re not embarrassed to admit you enjoy—generally speaking this excludes all Bravo, TLC, and Oxygen programming—ask away.  And don’t let him get away with worshipping Weeds when everyone knows Breaking Bad is better.

“What’s the best trip you’ve ever been on?”

50 Things You Shouldn't Say on a First Date


The only thing more terrifying than being asked on a first date is actually going on one. (And spiders, of course.) Somewhere in between shaving your legs and asking every person you know whether heels are “too much,” take five minutes to read the official Her Campus list of things you shouldn’t ever say—things you shouldn’t even THINK—on a first date.

6 Love Lessons You Learned in Kindergarten


Long before the complications of school dances, party make-outs, and schoolyard crushes (much less dormcest, friends with benefits, and long-distance romance) we were all taught the most basic rules of love—we just didn't know it at the time.  So put down the latest Cosmo, stop psychoanalyzing your relationship, and revisit the love lessons you've known since you sucked your thumb.

1. Share

Share your apple juice! And when time is a commodity hotter than a prime carpet square on the reading rug, make sure you're prepared to both give and take your partner's time.  I get that you have three midterms and your friend’s birthday and the pile of laundry on your futon is starting to smell, but make time for a date with your partner… not just your activities and schoolwork.  And remember to share him with his friends, family, school, clubs, gym, jobs, and pillow; don't throw a tantrum when he needs ten minutes to himself.  Then enjoy the times you have him all to yourself! (Na na na boo boo.)
2. Play Nice

Coy. Hard to get.  Playing the game. Call it what you will, just don't do it.  Remember how your parents didn't care whether cutting off your sister's ponytail was an act of friendship or hostility (for the record, it was friendship)? Well I don't care if ignoring his texts is a strategic move in your game of love... it’s just not nice. 

3. Use Indoor Voices

5 Things Your Boyfriend Should Never Know


We're always told to be honest, upfront, and open with our significant others, but some things are best left out of relationships. Think twice before you over-share, because we can think of at least five things that your boyfriend shouldn't, doesn't, and never will want to know…

“I have a mustache!”
Bleach, wax, shave, laser, pluck, tweeze, pull, or cover up—I don’t care how you deal with excess hair, and neither does your man. The occasional complaint is not necessarily off-limits (“It’s so unfair that you don’t have to shave your legs!” or “Waxes are so expensive!”) but the logistics of your hair removal are better left between you and your friends. And your follicles. Why? Not only will your boyfriend immediately picture you with a Grover Cleveland style handlebar mustache, but he’ll also have nothing to add to the conversation so you’ll be left feeling both stupid and hairy. 
“Here are the details surrounding my horrible stomach flu!”
I too have read the canonical literary work Everybody Poops. But notice that the sequel …And Here are the Graphic Detailsnever got published.  Your boyfriend is more than welcome to bring you chicken soup when you get sick (or, in this case, water and toast), but then he should probably leave and let you do the dirty work.  Call me old-fashioned, but I come from the school of ‘what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom.’

The 8 Worst Pick-Up Lines Actually Attempted on Collegiettes


There’s something about an old-fashioned pick-up line that never fails to amuse—it’s ballsy, it’s corny and presumptuous, and the antithesis of the anonymous online chat.  The modern man has moved beyond the outdated “I lost my number, can I have yours,” but we’re not so sure that’s a good thing…

"I’m Mexican.  Do you like chorizo?"
(Used on Marissa from Bowdoin College)
For those of you confused by this line (or inexplicably hungry), chorizo is Mexican sausage.  Yeah.  Gross.  The only thing more repulsive than referring to genitalia as deli meat is trying to leverage the comparison to score a date.  (And there’s nothing like adding a little racial tension into a casual conversation to make things even more awkward.)  Que malo. 
"Nice pot. Wanna check out my place?"
(Used on Ali from Boston College)
Not what you think.  After stumbling upon a pretty lady in a kitchen, some guy thought he’d try out the brilliant line in order to, as the infamous apron says, Kiss The Cook. “Nice pot” quickly turned into “Wanna see my place?” which quickly turned into “No.”

5 Relationship Fights You Should Actually Have


If you’re anything like me, you grew up internalizing the belief that chill is the new black – we play it low-maintenance and cool, we pride ourselves on our ability to go with the flow, and we rarely start fights.  But no matter how easy going you are, some fights just need to be fought.  No need to freak out about a missed call or a toilet seat cover, but here are five fights worth picking…

The "I want to be exclusive” Fight

This is a conversation worth starting because – let’s be honest – what do you have to lose?  If you’re not in a relationship but want to get exclusive with your promiscuous partner, you might as well be upfront. Frame it as definitive statement instead of a passive-aggressive attack (“I’m ready to stop hooking up with other people and I want to be exclusive” instead of “Ew, that girl you hooked up with is a trashy b*tch”) to avoid ambiguity. Worst case scenario? You spare yourself a bad break-up by bypassing a relationship you never had.  Best case scenario? You risk a fight and get a relationship as the reward. 

The “You’re never around” Fight

Celebs' First Jobs: Why Your Next Gig Isn't So Bad


First jobs and summer internships are notoriously bad; you’re at the bottom of the corporate barrel and your “pay” (if it exists) barely covers subway fare and lunch.  The good news: everyone’s been there. If these celebs could go from waitressing and dressing as chickens to mega-stardom, then even the worst of your first jobs can be seen as learning experiences that you’ll one day write about in your memoirs.  Just keep telling yourself that…

Jennifer Aniston—Telemarketer

If you hung up on a telemarketer in the early nineties, you may have ruined pre-Friends Jen’s day.  But don’t worry, Karma’s got it covered—these days you’d end up paying her for 10 minutes on the phone.

Madonna—Dunkin Donuts Clerk

The 7 Most Infamous College Traditions


While some things—nudity, free food, relieving stress in loud, dangerous, or otherwise inappropriate ways—are keystones of every college experience, these seven traditions have gained notoriety for encouraging students to bike, smoke, and streak their way to collegiette infamy.  We already gave you a list of things every college student should do before graduation, but consider these traditions the A-team.  The Varsity starters.  The executive board of the “college experience” club.  Warning: the following traditions may cause excessive pride, jealousy, and/or embarrassment.

Mirror Lake Jump — Ohio State University