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Morgan Malone

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Sam Mahoney: Nailed By Sam



She's a student, she's young, and she sure is talented. We had the opportnunity to interview Sam Mahoney, an ISU student who has made a name for herself as an amazing nail artist. Read on to find out how Sam got interested in painting nails and see more pictures of her incredible work. If you want to learn more about her nail services and what she can do, click here like her page! 

HerCampus ISU: Ok after looking through all of your nail photos and my friend’s nails (done by you) I have so many questions for you! To start off, exactly how old were you when you started painting and designing nails?

Sam Mahoney: Painting and designing nails? I can’t give you an exact age; I was very little. I used to go with my mom when she would get her nails done and I would get mine painted. I would watch what they did very carefully so I could go home and know how to do the designs.

HC: That’s pretty observant if you ask me! Did someone or something inspire you or was it just simply a random talent that you happened to pick up on?

Matt Stacho



Freshman Matt Stacho spends his days switching between hitting the books to hitting the court. As a new basketball player for the ISU Redbirds, Matt's skills are proof that hard work and dedication pay off. HerCampus ISU caught up with Matt to talk about his crazy schedule, when he started to play, and even his celebrity crush.


HerCampus: When and where did you start playing basketball and how did you become interested in it?

Matt Stacho: I started when I was real young like 4 or 5 playing on a community YMCA team. It was just one of those things parents sign their kids up for and as I got older I fell in love with it.

HC: What is your favorite aspect about the sport?

MS: My favorite aspect would have to be the pace of the game. You’re constantly moving and have to do so many little things precisely unlike many other sports.

HC: When and how did you become a team member for the ISU team?

MS: I officially became a member in December. After my senior season I came in contact with one of the coaches. In October I went to a tryout and another work out with the head coach, and they asked me to stay but I couldn’t attend practices first semester due to my school schedule so had to wait until the end of the semester.

HC: Do you get to play a lot as a new member?

MS: I do not, I’m still learning a lot about the program such as plays and defensive sets.

HC: What is your favorite part about being on the team?

Bryan Boehm ‘15


Halloween Town


This picture was taken on the quad where I usually brainstorm ideas (Ok let’s be real, I’m actually always out there scouting out the next campus cutie)! Ok, I know it’s only the beginning of October but Halloween is right around the corner. If I were you I’d start thinking of a creative costume. You could be the typical maid, fire fighter, raunchy teacher, but if you really want to stand out think of something creative. Impress a campus cutie why don’t ya! You also better participate in dorm trick-or-treating. Who doesn’t love candy (besides candy corn)? Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, the weekend before, week of, and weekend after October 31st will be full of Halloween festivities. In that case, you might want to start planning your costumes or even plan on passing around costumes so you don’t have to go buy them all! Duck tape comes in handy and the thrift store isn’t far away. Be creative and have fun!

Don't go TOO hard


We’re at the final countdown for homecoming week finally! This week will be filled with endless activities for everyone to go try out. It’s a great excuse to take a break from your studies and also meet new people! The best day is obviously on Saturday when everyone wakes up earlier than they normally would on a typical Saturday to tailgate and hang out with friends and family. This week only comes once a year so take advantage of it. Go Redbirds!

Feelin’ A Little Buggy Eh?


That’s right, that’s a praying mantis crawling around the grounds of ISU as if “it” owns the place. That’s not my point though. It’s that time of year where everyone is starting to feel that bug, whether it be a common cold or the flu bug. Freshman, it’s going to bring you down and make you feel homesick but don’t give up! It happens to all of us. Drink plenty of fluids, green tea, take some medicine, vitamin c, eat healthy, and most importantly, SLEEP. Sleeping is honestly the most important thing for your body in order to stay healthy, function, and recover. Stay healthy my friends.

Hoodie Allen @ The Castle


Hoodie Allen will be playing at the Castle Theatre on Wednesday, September 19th at 7 PM. The doors will open at 6 PM. Tickets range from $17.50-$20.00 and can be purchased on or by phone. The Castle Theatre is located at 209 East Washington Street, Bloomington, IL. If you have any questions, call (309-820-0352)! Tickets are cheap so take a break and go have some fun!

Keep calm and study on


It’s that time of year! Weather wise, yay. Test and study guides, eh not so much. For all of you “fresh meat” out there, don’t get too worked up about your first few upcoming tests, quizzes or midterms. The term “midterm” honestly just sounds scary but it’s really just a fancier word for your typical test. Well, usually. You still need to study though! As for everyone else, switch up your studying plans or take a break. Stop by Einstein’s in the Bone center to pick up a hot cup of tea, coffee, or even a scrumptious little snack to hold you over! Go out to the quad and be “that girl” who lies under the tree studying who looks as if she’s a model posing for a picture for an Illinois State Pamphlet. I know you’ve been considering it! Just breathe, relax, take a breathe and believe in yourself.