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Keep calm and study on

It’s that time of year! Weather wise, yay. Test and study guides, eh not so much. For all of you “fresh meat” out there, don’t get too worked up about your first few upcoming tests, quizzes or midterms. The term “midterm” honestly just sounds scary but it’s really just a fancier word for your typical test. Well, usually. You still need to study though! As for everyone else, switch up your studying plans or take a break. Stop by Einstein’s in the Bone center to pick up a hot cup of tea, coffee, or even a scrumptious little snack to hold you over! Go out to the quad and be “that girl” who lies under the tree studying who looks as if she’s a model posing for a picture for an Illinois State Pamphlet. I know you’ve been considering it! Just breathe, relax, take a breathe and believe in yourself.

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