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Maddie Hirschler

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Five Ways To Take a Break From Work Without Spending Money or Feeling Guilty!


Everybody knows that feeling of not wanting to do uni work – the only problem is, we have to!

PROCRASTINATION! We are all familiar with that word, especially around deadlines and exam time when we will do just about anything to escape the dark gloom of work. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as just ditching the work to go out and get drunk or to hit the town to spend the little cash you have left at the end of the semester. Every student will have (should have) experienced that guilt-ridden feeling of not working when you are supposed to, and spending money you don’t even have.

Our brains need a rest from time to time or in relation to the uni revision regime, from hour to hour. The more work you do, the more your brain slows down until finally – when you have worked all day and all night for weeks on end – you are about to crumble. So why not turn procrastination into something beneficial with no consequences?

Here are the best five ways to take a break from your hard work – free, fun and (sometimes) factual!

#1 – Watch a documentary! Watching a documentary online is free and often factual. You can make a hot mug of tea, get tucked up for 45 minutes, log onto i-player and simply watch. By the end of it, you will have learnt something new, let your brain rewind and most importantly, be refreshed and ready to resume work.

#2 – Sign up for a trial day at Virgin Active! If you call Virgin Active and tell them that you were thinking of joining (this obviously doesn’t have to be true) and would like a trial day, they book a day for you to come and use all the facilities – gym, pool, sauna and steam room. This will definitely help you to unwind and relax!

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The 10 Best Feel-Good Movies for Hangovers




We all know what it feels like to be so hungover that you just feel like scrunching up and dropping into a hole. However, hangovers are just another part of university life whether you like it or not! There are a number of supposed ways to cure a hangover (unless we are talking about the mother of all hangovers where you can’t even move). People like to eat McDonald’s, play ridiculous games, ponder over the previous night(hilarious times AND deep regrets); but nothing beats getting warm, cosy and snuggled up in bed with a good film to drift off to. Here is our list of the top ten feel-good movies that will without a doubt help put that hangover at ease.

#1 – It has to be The Hangover. There is nothing better than reminiscing about ‘the night before’ whilst watching a group of men watching their life crumble in front of them due to drunken stupidity.

#2 – Mean Girls - What a classic! It is the ultimate ‘pick me up’chick flick!

#3 – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - At this time of year with winter fast approaching, nothing beats watching HP in bed, hungover, with a piping hot brew.

#4 – Alice in Wonderland - A Disney classic, and never forgotten! This film takes you back to your childhood, when hangovers didn’t exist and the hardest thing in life was picking which colouring pencil you wanted to use.

#5 – Juno - Chilled out and an easy watch, what more could you want on your hangover duvet day?!

#6 – Toy Story – Another ‘re-live your childhood’ kind of film, but come on, who wouldn’t want to?