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The Thigh Gap Has Spread Too Far


Ladies, I think you all know exactly what I am talking about when I say those horrible two words “thigh gap,” that space that we are all supposed to have between our legs. I have recently learned of a new one called the “bikini bridge,” which is when a girl is laying on her back her hip bones should stick out so far that her bathing suit bottoms form a bridge over her waist. These new trends have got every girl standing in her full length mirror wishing her legs didn’t rub together when she walked and that her bathing suit didn’t actually touch her skin. Well I am here to tell you girls, THAT IS NORMAL.

Recently Target put out an advertisement for swimsuits in which they clearly edited the model’s body so drastically that they cut out her crotch trying to give her a bigger thigh gap.

No one’s body looks like that! And look at her arm, it’s almost nonexistent, and her hip has had a chunk taken out of it. First of all, this photo editor should be fired for the botched job he or she did on this picture, and second, someone needs to tell him or her that this model looked absolutely fine the way she was, without the edits.

What’s worse? There’s more like this:

Poor girl actually has a rectangle cut between her legs, and what is that pointy thing under her arm?

Olympic Figure Skating: Classic or Outdated?


With all the buzz about the Olympic Games, you can’t avoid seeing all the updates on social media. But instead of just tuning in for the highlights, what could possibly draw the attention of more viewers for the live stream of events?

While surfing the Internet recently, I came across a video that combined two of the most buzzed about things right now. Beyonce and Olympic Figure skating. Some really innovative “fan girl” dubbed a video of Meryl Davis and Charlie White doing their doubles figure skating routine to Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love.”

Preparing for Bison Ball


Every spring students come together for Howard University’s Student Association’s (HUSA) Bison Ball. At this event, the efforts of students and staff throughout the school year are commemorated and recognized. Obtaining shoes, hair, make up, and formal attire are all amongst the list of to-dos as students hastily prepare for this formal occasion.  Many students spend months in advance shopping and preparing for their attire, down to the color lipstick they plan to wear.