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Campus Celebrity: Madison Cavalchire ‘16

Name: Madison Cavalchire

Year: Junior

Major: Broadcast Journalism and Spanish Double Major

HC: So Madison, tell me a little about cheering for the Carolina Hurricanes:

MC: The Storm Squad premiered in 1999 as the first group of in-game NHL “cheerleaders” (In the hockey world, NHL girls are often referred to as “Ice girls”, even if they aren’t responsible for clearing the ice). Caniacs know us as the girls who clap, cheer, and dance in the corners of the arena during games, but our job entails much more. Besides enhancing game-day experiences for our fans, we promote the Hurricanes within the community. We can be found signing calendars, handing out gear at a local business grand opening, or watching Canes’ games with fans at the Carolina Ale House! Out of all the amazing things I am able to do as a member of this organization, my favorite part of the job is meeting new people!

HC: Does that make you a model?

MC: Our calendar photo shoots are honestly very laid back. We bring our favorite outfits, play music, and cheer each other on! It is a lot less intimidating to shoot for a calendar in that environment. Though I will admit, my first year shooting was definitely the worst. I was not accustomed to any sort of modeling and felt ridiculous posing!! Now, I’m so close with the team and the photographer, that we laugh and joke about what works and what doesn’t work during the shoot. Last year, I got to be the coveted “Miss January”…this year, I’ve been demoted to June!

HC: Do you ever get recognized in public?

MC: The only time I am ever recognized in public is when I’m visiting friends at NC State. I’ve found that, sadly, there aren’t as many hockey fans here at Carolina! At State, The Storm Squad is definitely more known simply because the arena is such an integral part of their campus. Also, the majority of our girls attended, or currently attend, NC State. Here at UNC, the most common response I receive is “Wait, what’s a storm trooper girl??” It’s Storm SQ​UAD, people.

HC: What made you try out for the Storm Squad?

MC: I decided to try out for the team at random! It was the summer before coming to Carolina, and while browsing on the Internet, I saw that tryouts were coming up. My dad being from Jersey, I always grew up watching Canes versus Devils games. To be honest, I’m not a huge sports’ fan outside of hockey. Hockey I get. Although I have been a cheerleader since age six, I really didn’t expect to make the squad my first year because I was only 18… but I ended up being the youngest girl on the team that year.

HC: When you aren’t at the rink where could I find you in Chapel Hill?

MC: When I’m not at my second home (aka PNC Arena) I can be found editing audio and video projects in the Journalism School, or more recently, at Pure Barre with my friends Maddie and Hallie (they got me addicted!).

HC: Can I hear your favorite pickup line? (I think the fellas reading this probably want to know)

MC: You want to know the simplest (but I would argue the best!) pickup line in my book?! Asking the cutie from class for the homework assignment. If I’m asking you, you can bet that I know darn well what the homework is, I just basically love you. I also believe that magic can happen when you are upfront and blunt about how you feel. Whenever I meet someone who exudes positivity, beauty, or even someone who just downright gives me good vibes, I am sure to tell them so!

HC: Tell me about your dream job.

MC: My dream job would be somewhere where I can blend my two passions, storytelling and Spanish — A future reporter/anchor for CNN en Espanol?

HC: Would you share with us a quote that has gotten you through your toughest times at UNC?

MC: My motto is to love your struggle. I’m a firm believer that if you are able to accept your hardships and work through them, your results will be limitless!

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