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Jennifer Caputo

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Shaggy at Colgate


Last Saturday at 2 pm, Shaggy performed in the Sanford Field House. He performed a combination of his own music and other songs from popular reggae artists including Welcome to Jamrock by Damian Marley. 

Meet The Founders: Emily Bliss '14 & Alex Hite '14


Name: Emily Bliss                                                               Name: Alex Hite
Hometown: Cambridge, MA                             Hometown: Albany, NY
Class Year: 2014                                                                Class Year: 2014
Major: Political Science                         Major: Environmental Geography

How did you get involved with Her Campus?
EB: "One of my good friends from home interned at Her Campus during her senior year of high school, so that's when I was first exposed to Her Campus. Last June I heard about their push to launch new branches at more universities and thought this would be a good opportunity to involve myself in something new at Colgate."
AH: "My best friend Emily asked if I would be interested in founding Her Campus Colgate with her, so I checked out the website and decided it was something I would like to work on."

What is your favorite part about working on Her Campus?
EB: "I think my favorite aspect of Her Campus Colgate is having the opportunity to work on something creative with my friends at school. We have all really enjoyed writing for Her Campus and making new friends through writing, too!"
AH: "It has allowed me to be more involved on campus and up-to-date on campus on-goings."

What is your plan for Her Campus in the upcoming years?
EB: "As Alex and I will both be going abroad next spring (Alex to Australia, myself to Sweden), we are looking to our friend and writer Caroline to help take over next year."
AH: "I hope to develop it into a club on campus and ensure it flourishes. Once we graduate, we hope to pass it down to other Colgate students."

How did you become friends?
EB: "We met the first week of our freshman year and have been friends ever since. We truly enjoy working together so Her Campus has been a great outlet for us to collaborate."
AH: "I was at a party the first weekend at school and I didn't know too many people. This blonde girl came up to me and introduced herself. After talking for a little while we exchanged numbers and agreed to hang out another time. We've been best friends since and we love spending time together."

The DU Ducklings


 Earlier this month, Evan Goldszak of DU bought six little, baby ducklings  from the Tractor Supply Shop. Currently they are living in Evan's room and  like to cuddle together under heat lamps. They have imprinted on Evan and  follow him around like he is their mother, how cute! Their adorableness have  earned them the title of "campus cuties" this week. They are currently  unnamed, but they love to meet strangers. Anyone who stops by DU for a  fraturday or simply to hang out can play with the ducks. Go to DU soon  though, because once they are fully grown, Evan plans on selling them to a  local farm. They will be missed!
 (Happy April Fools Day Colgate)

Ideas for Snowy Days


As most of you are aware, Colgate has has an unusual winter this year. There has been a lack of snow until recently. This recent snow may be upsetting for those who were enjoying the warm winter but here are some ideas to get into the spirit.

1) Sledding- Grab a tray from Frank and go out sledding! There are so many great hills around campus that are prefect for sledding, especially the hill next to the Persson steps and the hill in front of Admissions. 

2) Drinking Hot Chocolate- Hot chocolate is perfect for cold and snowy days, especially if you have just finished some outside activities! If you are feeling lazy and live up the hill, just walk to the Frank or the Coop. Although it is definitely worth the walk to the Barge to get the peppermint hot chocolate!

3) Skiing- This recent snowfall is great for skiers! If you have a car, check out Toggenburg Mountain, only about 45 minutes from campus. Even though there are only a few runs, it is a great escape from school. Make sure to bring your student id- you can get a pass for only $15!

Cornell West comes to Colgate


 On February 23rd, Cornell West came to  Colgate to give a key note lecture called Race  Matters. The event was held at the chapel so  more students could attend. The lecture was  brought to Colgate courtesy of the Brothers  Organization.

Michael McCann '14


Full Name: Michael McCann
Hometown: Barrington, IL
Major: Undecided

What he does on campus: He plays center on the Men's Ice Hockey team, he is #26!

His favorite memory at Colgate: Traveling with the Men's Ice Hockey team to Europe this past summer. The team traveled to Italy and Switzerland.

Why he came to Colgate University: At Colgate, he had the opportunity to play ice hockey, while having a sense of community.

If he could play a professional sport, other than ice hockey, he would play either baseball or soccer.

Sports played in high school: In high school, he played football, soccer, baseball, and cycling.

During the hockey off-season, he plays pick-up hockey to stay in hockey shape.


10 Fun Colgate Dates!


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we all anxiously await and wonder if this Valentine’s Day we will have someone special to spend it with. If you are one of the lucky few that has a date for Valentine’s Day, here are some possible date ideas specific to Hamilton, NY!
1.     Go out to dinner: Though this is the most traditional date option, there are so many fun options for different cuisines. If you want a more traditional setting, pick the Hamilton Inn where they are offering a fireside dinner Valentine’s Day dinner. Their sophisticated menu offers an array of fresh seafood and meat. To spice things up (pun intended), check out the Royal India Café for a unique, adventurous meal. This will certainly be a “naan”-traditional dining experience. Are you craving both the chicken korma and the lamb curry? At the Royal India Café, the meals are easy sharing, so go ahead, and sample your dates.
2.     Go bowling: For a fun and inexpensive date, head over to the Reid Athletic Center and go bowling! Just like elementary school birthday parties, bowling is a great way to exercise and bring out some friendly competition. So lace up those bowling shoes and head over to the lanes!
3.     Go on a nature walk: With the unseasonably warm weather this winter, take advantage of it and go explore the cross-country trails behind the cemetery. These walking trails are an immediate dose of relaxation.

How to Stay Healthy this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving break is a time to go home and relax right before the end of fall semester. It is also a time to eat lots and lots of really fattening foods! However, this Thanksgiving we have a few tips to keep you healthy and happy over the holiday.

 1. Get some sleep- It’s really important to get a full night’s sleep, idealistically 8 hours a night, to stay healthy. You’ll be much happier if you are well-rested when you see your friends and family so you can enjoy their company.

 2. Ration what you eat and eat healthily- I know there is a ton of delicious food during the time surrounding Thanksgiving but it’s important not to overeat. If there is a wide range of food that is available and all of it appeals to you, take small portions of all of them. Don’t deprive yourself, though. It is a holiday, but that doesn’t mean it is a reason to gorge. If you are willing to not or have no interest in trying everything, fill up on turkey, vegetables and whole grains. Then when it comes time for dessert, you will only have enough room for a small sample.

 3. Plan some workouts- Although it is exciting to be able to hang out with your friends from home and see your family, it is important to still stay active. Set time aside each day, idealistically 30 minutes, for some cardio. If you aren’t into cardio, just throw a football with your family outside. Any physical activity will help. This will relieve any stress and be helpful preventing any weight gain from all of the Thanksgiving food!

Blue Scholars Concert


Come see the Blue Scholars perform at the Hall of Presidents on Monday, November 14th. The doors open at 8:30 p.m. and the music starts at 9:00 p.m. This event is sponsored by Broad Street Records, WRCU Protoculture, and SCOPE.

The Lighting of the Coop Fireplace


 On Wednesday at 6 p.m. the Coop Fireplace was lit for the first time in a long time. Cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate were given out to celebrate this exciting event!