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Ideas for Snowy Days

As most of you are aware, Colgate has has an unusual winter this year. There has been a lack of snow until recently. This recent snow may be upsetting for those who were enjoying the warm winter but here are some ideas to get into the spirit.

1) Sledding- Grab a tray from Frank and go out sledding! There are so many great hills around campus that are prefect for sledding, especially the hill next to the Persson steps and the hill in front of Admissions. 

2) Drinking Hot Chocolate- Hot chocolate is perfect for cold and snowy days, especially if you have just finished some outside activities!
If you are feeling lazy and live up the hill, just walk to the Frank or the Coop. Although it is definitely worth the walk to the Barge to get the peppermint hot chocolate!

3) Skiing- This recent snowfall is great for skiers! If you have a car, check out Toggenburg Mountain, only about 45 minutes from campus. Even though there are only a few runs, it is a great escape from school. Make sure to bring your student id- you can get a pass for only $15!

4) Taking a Winter Outdoor Education Class- Although it is too late to take the current session of classes, there will be new sessions coming up soon. They provide a great opportunity to get outside and take advantage of the weather. Activities range from snowshoeing, ice climbing and cross-country skiing. The classes count for PE credits, too!

5) Ice Skating- Ice skating is a classic  winter activity and can be fun with a group of friends or a *campus cutie.* Colgate's Starr Rink is located in Reid Athletic Center and has open skate hours. The rink is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:30am until 1pm until February 29th. Additionally, there is open skate on Sundays from 3:15pm until 5:15 pm until March 4th. All skating is free for students with a Colgate id!

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