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These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely to Hook Up With An Ex

In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, astrologer Linda Furiate shares which three signs are most likely to hook up with their ex.

When certain events or holidays – such as Valentine’s Day, wink – approach, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of needing a date ASAP. And for these three zodiac signs most likely to hook up with an ex, just one night with a rekindled flame can feel better than spending that time all on their lonesome. Maybe you’re thinking about logging onto a dating app again or reaching out to fellow single friends for some company. Or maybe, and perhaps controversially, you’re entertaining the idea of texting your ex for a spicy reunion.  

Maybe there are unresolved feelings or a calming sense of familiarity. Whether your ex feels like a mistake waiting to happen or a second chance to change the future, no matter how the stars align, having sex with an ex can be complicated. But there are three signs that are astrologically predisposed to diving headfirst into it.

Read on for the three zodiac signs most likely to hook up with an ex.  


According to astrologer Linda Furiate, if there’s one thing a Libra is in love with, it’s love itself. “When something goes wrong in a relationship, they often wonder what they may have done wrong or even more so what they could have done right to make things better,” Furiate tells Her Campus. Retrospect is perhaps both a gift and a curse. “A Libra is always willing to ‘tip the scale’ to create harmony,” Furiate says. “Giving an ex-partner a second or third chance often offers Libra the perfect opportunity to even the score and to re-balance their own psyche.” After all, to get them out of your head, you’ve got to get them out of your bed.  


The Scorpion only knows one temperature: scorching hot. “Scorpio is driven by intense passion,” Furiate says. “A touch, a look, a distant smile can really turn on a Scorpio.” So, when an ex re-enters a Scorpio’s life, it’s only natural for them to fall back into old habits. “They’re often too blinded by their amorous and lustful feelings of deep obsession to know they may be moving into a web of emotions that have them drowning in sorrow and self-pity when that ex once again rejects them,” Furiate says. “Scorpio will reunite again and again with an ex to feel that depth of emotional passion and [to fill] their deep longing to feel love that radiates from the core of their soul.”


This crab has a tendency to romanticize former lovers. “Cancer has a tough time letting go of the past,” Furiate says. If Cancer hooks up with their ex, it might feel like coming home. “There’s a great comfort in the familiarity of fond memories that a Cancer simply will not allow to wash away.” But clinging to those memories may risk Cancer maintaining the loneliness that came after the fact. “The forever changing emotions and over sensitivity of Cancer could be a big turn off for the ex, forcing Cancer to once again long for the past in a state of loneliness,” Furiate says. 

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