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These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Fall In Love With A Fictional Character

Today, we’re talking about zodiac signs most likely to fall in love with a fictional character. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, Joshua MacGuire, AKA Joshua the Psychic, the highest-rated psychic by Time Out New York and offers psychic-astrology readings via phone and Zoom, shares which three signs are most likely to fall in love with a fictional character.

Fictional worlds can sometimes be far more enticing than the one we actually live in, and for these three zodiac signs most likely to fall in love with a fictional character, the people living within those worlds are, too. After all, you know exactly what you’re getting with a guy like Peter Kavinsky or a girl like MJ — they can’t surprise you when you’ve already read their story. 

So, if you’re tired of being disappointed IRL, pick up the latest BookTok recs and get to reading, because the girls that get it, get it. There’s nothing like curling up on a rainy day with your favorite romance novel or fantasy series and embedding yourself deeply within the plot. Who needs an awkward first date when you have book boyfriend Carlisle Cullen or comfort character Troy Bolton waiting for you at home? The real world could never. And while anyone can latch onto a fictional crush, three signs are actually astrologically predisposed to letting it happen.

Read on for the three zodiac signs most likely to fall in love with a fictional character. 


According to astrologer Joshua MacGuire, Aquarius will justify every fantasy with the question, “Why not?” Honestly? Fair enough. Give them one good reason not to maintain a long-term relationship with Peter Parker. “Ruler of the Eleventh House of hopes, dreams, wishes, and ideals, Aquarians rationalize that everyone’s desires come with the built-in prerequisite ability to achieve them,” MacGuire tells Her Campus. If that’s the case, you’re basically already Mrs. Spider-Man.


These lil’ fish are centered in the spirit world. “So much so that their imaginations run wild,” MacGuire says. As the most evolved, spiritualized astrological sign, “Nothing is real to a Pisces, and they can get lost in the magical realm of possibilities,” as impossible as they may seem to the rest of the world. It’s a Pisces’ world, and the rest of you are just living in it. 

Virgo :

Say it with me this time: Real men just don’t compare to book boyfriends! “Virgo is the hermit of the zodiac, and they enjoy their alone time,” MacGuire says. They’re also highkey perfectionists, meaning people they meet in real life may fall short of their expectations. “[This] paves the way for a fictional character to sweep them off their feet.” 

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