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These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Fall In Love On The First Date

Swoon! Today, we’re talking about the zodiac signs most likely to fall in love on the first date. In Signs Of The Times, Her Campus gets all of the dirty details about the signs directly from astrologers. Today, Joshua MacGuire, AKA Joshua the Psychic, who is the highest-rated psychic by Time Out New York and offers psychic-astrology readings via phone and Zoom, shares which three signs are most likely to fall in love after just one date.

We’ve all heard the saying: when you know, you know. And while it might take months, even years, for a person to fall in love, there are some people that only need one date to fall head over heels. Maybe they fell in love because someone’s music taste, cool hobbies, or the fact that someone could make them laugh. Or maybe, they just fell in love with the way someone twirled their pasta, or the fact someone likes to douse everything in ranch just as much as they do. Regardless, there’s something about feeling a spark on the first date that can make a person feel the effects of Cupid’s arrow.

So, are you the kind of person to get the ick from an “ily?” Or, are you ready to say “I do” before you even finish the bread basket? Whatever the case may be, read on to find out the three zodiac signs most likely to fall in love on the first date:


Ruled by Venus, this romantic sign can’t help but to fall in love—and quickly, for that matter. Astrologer Joshua MacGuire says, “Libra is the ruler of the Seventh House of Partnerships, so relationships give Libra the balance they require.”

Not to mention, this air sign might be in the mood for romance more than most. I mean, they are ruled by Venus, after all! “Because they value love and relationships so strongly, they may fall quickly,” MacGuire tells Her Campus. Libras, you just might make me believe in love! Who knew!


Oh, water signs. If there’s one thing I know about y’all, it’s that whenever you feel something, you feel it hard. That’s why we wouldn’t doubt your ability to fall in love on the first date: you guys just love, well, love!

Dreamy, romantic, and idealistic, Pisces may find themselves picturing a life with their date after feeling an initial spark: “Pisces are very romantic and are often in love with the idea of being in love; on a first date, they may very well get ahead of themselves,” says MacGuire. We support you and your journey for love, Pisces. And if anyone breaks your heart…we just wanna talk to them…


Love is a journey. And who is more down for an adventure than the impulsive Sagittarius? Ruled by Jupiter—the luckiest planet—this fire sign may find themselves lucky in love, and quick.

MacGuire tells Her Campus: “Sagittarius can be fast and furious, wanting to reach conclusions swiftly! In matters of romance, they may indeed fall in love on the first date if all goes well.” We can’t wait to hear all about this love story, Sagittarius! No matter who fast they were written!

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