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What it’s Like Playing Hard to Get

You want to let a special someone know you like him, but how?

Any logical person would talk to him to try and develop the relationship further.

But you don’t want to come off as too eager or desperate…

…so you play hard to get instead.

Because that’s totally how flirting works these days, and you heard that guys like “the chase.”

So you do everything in your power to gain his interest…

…then pull a 180 and avoid him like the plague.

When you run into him on campus, you act like you’re too cool to stop and talk, like:

And when he asks you to hang out, you make up commitments on the spot to sound busier than you actually are.

On the surface, it looks like you couldn’t care less about him…

…but on the inside, you’re like:

Sometimes you drop the ball and actually show your affection, like:

But then you realize your mistake and make up for it by ignoring him for an entire week.


The playing-hard-to-get method was working, but now you’re getting a little worried since he hasn’t tried contacting you again after you ignored his last four texts.



You second-guess your approach and have a panic attack when you think you’ve scared him off.

You ask all your friends about what you should do, and they reply unanimously, “Make a move.”

So you send him a casual but flirty text and check your phone religiously, like you’re expecting updates on your application to Hogwarts.

After an hour has passed with no word from him, you think you’ve officially ruined your chances.

In a final effort to salvage the budding relationship, you act super available and give him a million opportunities to get in touch with you.

You just wish you could explain yourself to him.

But then a miracle happens…

…and you are back in the game!

Which means you can promptly go back to sending him mixed signals.

And while he’s probably like:


You’re on cloud nine, because being on the other side of “playing hard to get” is like:

Except for those few times when it backfires.

Connie is a professional and creative writing major at Carnegie Mellon University. She is currently obsessed with pole fitness, pumpkin bread, and '80s fashion.