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We Asked College Women About Their First Orgasm—Their Responses Are Relatable AF

Around here, we talk about sex, often and openly. We host Sex Talk every week on our Instagram Live, and it gets SO REAL. You guys wanted to talk more about sex, so we took to Instagram to ask you all what you’re actually experiencing in your sex lives as college women. Our first question? What your orgasm history has been like.

Some of you have had lots and lots of orgasms. Some of you seek out orgasms every day. Some of you have never had one. Here’s what you had to say when we asked about your very first orgasm, in your own words.

I thought I had peed my pants 😂 – Hannah

I mean, I played with myself long before anyone ELSE made me orgasm, so pretty dang great if I do say so myself. My first with a partner was nice as well. I was in tune with my body at that point so I could ask for what I needed! – Dymond

It felt like an out of body experience. I didn’t know that it was supposed to feel that good. – Aubree

Surprising. – Em

SO CONFUSING. I had no idea what it was! – Hannah

I fell off my bed. – Estée

Amazing. – Rebecca


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My man does AMAZING! It’s like a feeling that’s different & you’re not positive if it’s in a good way or a bad way… then it’s utter bliss. 😍😍😍 – Emily

Weird but amazing!! – Morgan

Oop. Still waiting. – Jordyn

Holy shit balls. – Paige

I didn’t even know it was happening because I had no idea what it felt like 😂 Rachel

Toe-curling. – Ali 

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