These are the Products I’m Using to Get Into Full-On Vacation Mode

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What’s my favorite part about email, you ask? It’s setting my OOO (Out Of Office) message. It goes something like this: Thank you for your email! I’m currently OOO and will reply to your email as soon as I can. With urgent matters, please contact my work wife Rachel Lewis. Isn’t it beautiful? I obviously *love* taking time off, but when I can’t escape the office, I rely on everything here to get me feeling like I’m in full-on vacation mode.  

  1. 1. Kat Von D Beauty’s Ultra Ink Liner & Go Big or Go Home Mascara

    Nothing says vacay like full glam, and nothing gets me there like this *vegan* power eye duo. The Ultra Ink Liner’s formula is the blackest black liquid liner in the game, and its felt tip makes application a breeze (watch out, this liner will make any bright eyeshadow pop…with one swipe). Pair it with Go Big or Go Home Mascara and you’ll be armed with lashes ready to fly you off to your dream vacay. BTW, both are totally water and smudge resistant, so don’t be afraid to do a full-face for the beach. 

  2. 2. Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Case

    Since being on ~vacation mode~ gives me plenty of extra time to do my morning beauty routine, you KNOW I’m taking selfies on a regular basis (not sorry). OtterBox’s new Otter + Pop Symmetry Series Cases are the brand’s slimmest design ever, and come with a built in PopSocket to help you get the perfect Insta in a snap.  

  3. 3. Carefree Acti-Fresh® Twist Resist™ liners  

    The only person you can’t send an automatic OOO message to is...your period. But my time of the month is easy and breezy with Carefree’s thin, but absorbent Acti-Fresh® Twist Resist™ liners—they hustle as hard as you do, girl. They’ve already saved my favorite pair of white shorts twice (thanks to their fluid-locking Qwik-Dry ™ core), and the Twist Resist™ design means I stay comfortable all day long—with minimal twisting or bunching.  

  4. 4. Some summer suspense from Kensington Books

    Even if you can’t get out of town this summer, you can still have some thrills while staying at home with a binge-worthy suspense novel. Sometimes a can’t-put-it-down page-turner is the perfect summertime escape, and you won’t be disappointed with Paranoid, a darkly mesmerizing dive into a haunted past by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson; the haunting Some Choose Darkness by Charlie Donlea; Nancy Bush’s gritty #MeToo revenge fantasyBad Things; Joseph Souza’s small town creep fest Pray for the Girl; and the psychological thriller Where the Missing Go by Emma Rowley. 


  5. 5. My favorite markers, all grown up

    This summer, I’m road tripping with the top down, music up, and feet up on the dash--because I’m using Crayola’s new Take Note! Permanent Markers & Dual Tip Highlighter Pens to make my white sneaks totally me. They’re the most colorful way to express yourself, so you can create on nearly any surface. Whether that’s letting everyone you meet on vacay sign your white Converse, creating a colorful roadmap for your weekend getaway, or crafting anything and everything for your new little this fall, it’s totally up to you.

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