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Send These Memes To Your Scorpio Friends, If You’re Brave Enough

Fall is in full swing: We’ve gone through the cute apple-picking phase, and now, it’s time for astrology girl autumn. With Oct. 23 around the corner, Scorpio season is almost here — and what better way to celebrate than with a couple of memes? If you don’t know much about zodiacs fear not: Being a Scorpio myself, I’m here to give you the scoop on all things Scorpio to prep you from Oct. 23 to Nov. 21 — along with some hilarious Scorpio season memes, too. 

Speaking from experience, Scorpios sometimes get a bad rep for being hard to read and intense — but I like to think that we’re just very passionate, loyal, and intuitive. Nonetheless, I will admit with our celestial spirit animal being a scorpion, we can sting unannounced. We Scorpios see life as a game and are constantly calculating, hence why we’re usually several steps ahead to ensure the outcome we want. Relax though, this doesn’t mean we’re malicious and trying to take your king and beat you in chess — it just means we are decisive people and know what we want and aren’t afraid to go for it. 

Our ruling planet is Pluto, which governs both destruction and transformation. So on a good day, we’re ambitious, entrancing, and overflowing with kindness. However, on a bad day, let’s just say that’s when our unrelenting shady side comes out. While all signs have their weakness, there is a lot to lose with a Scorpio but also a lot to gain. When met with genuine connection with others, Scorpios have unwavering empathy and commitment to those they love.

Let me also preface that we do have a sense of humor. It may be rooted in the truth, but we do know how to make a joke and, most importantly, take a joke. Now, without further ado, here are 10 Scorpio season memes that have me CTFU.

As a Scorpio, I feel so seen.

Where did y’all find this photo of me?

If you send this to a Scorpio friend, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Prepare for a passive-aggressive (heavy on the aggressive) text.

This one is for the hyper-independent Scorpios out there.

Who can relate?

Scorpios: We always need the last word.

Oh no! The line! I crossed it!

As a Scorpio, I feel called out.


This is exactly what it’s like to date a Scorpio.

Just ask my boyfriend, he’ll tell you.

For the Scorpios who play chess, not checkers:

Stay ahead, fellow Scorpios.

ICYMI, Overpacking is a key Scorpio trait.

What do you mean I can’t bring five bags?

Who said that Scorpios aren’t romantic?

There’s no in-between.

A Scorpio will always be your ride-or-die.

I can confirm!

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