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Real Live College Guy Ryan: How To Flirt With a Classmate

Need Dr. Drew relationship advice but don’t have the sensationalistic drama to warrant TV time? Unfortunately, Real Live College Guy Ryan isn’t a reality show therapist. However, he can provide the lowdown on everything you’ve ever wanted to know about college males: how they think, act, speak and genuinely interact with the women in their lives.

A guy in one of my classes and I have been flirting for a bit now, but the class only meets a few times a week and we’re on quarters so our schedules are about to change completely… What’s my next move to make this into something outside of class? –On the Quarter System at Ohio State

I’m so glad you asked. I share your pain as an Ohio University student. 

Writer’s Note: The state school system in the state of Ohio is… odd. Four of its largest public universities—Ohio State, Wright State, the University of Cincinnati and Ohio University—all adhere to the “quarter” system. These four schools start anywhere from Labor Day until the end of September and the students have three, eleven-week “quarters” in which to attend class.

The other five big state schools—Miami University, Kent State, the University of Akron, Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo—all employ the semester system. Students start school in late August and have two “semesters” in which to earn credits. By next school year, however, all of Ohio’s public universities will be on semesters (I believe).

For those of us on the quarter system, flirting with classmates has to be done in a timely manner. We only have ten weeks to make our moves, so it’s necessary to balance aggressive flirting with appropriate restraint.

It’s November, so act upon your progress. Ask him out. Don’t wait for him to propose the idea. You have finals in a few weeks, which means you may or may not have another opportunity to mention it. And, at a school the size of The Ohio State University (55,000+ students), I wouldn’t feel too confident about whimsically running into him again.

In class, when the professor isn’t lecturing (of course), slip in a, “so, what are you up to tonight/this weekend?” This accomplishes two things (this question should become a staple in both sexes’ flirting arsenals): one, it continues conversation and two, it allows you to not only relate to the person you’re flirting with, but also allows you to “suggest” that you two meet up. It’s a very passive method, but beats the awkwardness of bluntly asking to hang out.

Offer to meet at a bar or party. This allows both you and your guy to bring friends who will make the out-of-class rendezvous less nerve-wracking. You could suggest a date, coffee or simply hanging out alone, but that all depends on the amount and nature of your flirting. If you feel like you two made a good connection, then cut the middleman (friends) and do something with only him.

Act soon. Time is ticking. High Street and Columbus are way too big to expect to cross paths outside of class.

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Ryan Joseph is fancy. However, besides being fancy, he is also a) a college senior b) a journalism major and c) a student at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. He's a Bobcat, not a Buckeye (although he will always be a Buckeye at heart). A Columbus, Ohio, native, he's a diehard music and Cleveland sports fan--don't judge him based upon the latter. He is a frequent contributor to Hip-Hop website, The Smoking Section, and Ohio University campus magazine, Backdrop, but has also been an ASME 2011 intern with Field & Stream Magazine in New York City.
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