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Real Live College Guy: How to Start a Conversation with a Cutie

We all need a little guidance now and then, so whether you’re stressed about a fling gone wrong, a wrecked relationship or how to handle a stage-five clinger, Real Live College Guy Jon is here to help you navigate the college dating scene!

How do you start a conversation with a cute guy in class when you have to sit on opposite sides of the classroom? – Shy at St. Mary’s

Dear Shy at St. Mary’s,

This may be my favorite question ever…


The “Hadron Accident”:

Prep: Email your professor to move seat due to eye injury. Get some of those old people wraparound sunglasses. 

1. Wear them to class and sit next to the cute man.

2. Ask lots of questions claiming to not see the board.

3. When he will no doubt ask, “Why are you wearing those?” respond with “I was visiting the Hadron Collider with my friend Stephen Hawking and the machine malfunctioned. I ended up taking a Higgs Boson to the eye.”

4. He will have questions. Answer none saying you should not have even said that since you are mid lawsuit. This will leave him wanting more.

5. Right before the end of class say your notes are not good since you could not see. Ask for his number to meet up so you can copy his notes.


…or don’t get too crazy with it.

My actual advice would be to talk to him before or after class. A lot of the time, students have to wait outside of the classroom for the previous class to let out, or when class lets out you might find yourself in close proximity to this cutie as you exit. Take advantage of this time to make contact with him. Just go up to him and start a nonchalant conversation. There is no need to stress about what to say, just use a neutral topic. Maybe ask a question about homework or an upcoming test! Guys love to feel helpful. After he answers you, just thank him and introduce yourself. By doing this, you are creating a connection and removing the stranger mentality between you and the cutie.

After you have established this connection, despite how small it is, exploit it. Continue to find time to talk to him—ask to do homework or study together. Build this connection and see where it goes.

Best of luck,



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Jon is currently a senior at the University of Rhode Island double majoring in physics and biology with an intent of going to medical school.  He also spent two semesters at in exchange program at California Polytechnic University. Growing up in Rhode Island he loves being on the water and the bay is his second home. Spearfishing and freediving are two of his favorite hobbies.   Follow him @RIBORNRIBRED on Instagram. 
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