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Real Live College Guy Andy: Would Dating a Virgin Freak A Guy Out?

Do you ever find yourself shrugging your shoulders and settling on the “boys will be boys” conclusion? Real Live College Guy Andy is here to show you that mature men do (in fact) exist. He has an uncanny ability to sort out the good guys from the bad apples and is here to bring you the best in college love advice.

Be honest: how would you react if a 20-year-old girl told you she was a virgin? You’d been hooking up and doing other ‘things’ with her already so you didn’t suspect it. Clearly there’s nothing wrong with her, it’s a personal choice, but would it be too much responsibility for you to handle? Would you continue to hook up with a virgin and even take her virginity? Or would it kind of freak you out? – Virgin at Virginia Tech


No, it would not be too much responsibility. Yes I would continue to hook up with a virgin and even take her virginity because I wouldn’t be freaked out at all.

Virgin or not, if a girl really strikes my fancy, that’s all that matters. I would gladly take things slow and wait for her to be ready as long as if she were ready within three-to-six months of continuous dating (seeing her at least once or twice a week). That’s just my opinion but not sure how much longer even the best of guys would be willing to wait.

I may be a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, but I’m a guy and I like sex. If I were dating a virgin who wanted to wait a whole year, that would be a problem for me.

But this whole basic virginity concept is so overblown. Don’t worry about it. There have been tons of virgin questions that have come into my inbox and I just don’t get it. As the Ultimate College Girl Survey Part I says, 41 percent of collegiettes are still virgins. That’s almost half of you, so why do you think it’s weird to tell guys you are a virgin? Plus it’s not like girls who have already lost it make a point to tell their hook-ups that they aren’t a virgin.

Personally, I did tell the girl I was hooking up with at the time that I was a virgin because I didn’t want her to have certain expectations and I’m an honest guy. I figured it would make me feel less nervous if she knew. But you shouldn’t feel societal pressure to tell your hook-up that you’re a virgin. It seems like all girls think they have to tell the guy, but that’s just not true! You aren’t obligated to tell him. If you want to lose it with him without telling him, that is your right.

Now if you do choose to tell a guy and he is flabbergasted when you tell him, then just throw that 41 percentage in his face.

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Andrew is a rising senior at San Francisco State University majoring in broadcast journalism. While he hopes to some day work in the sports media industry, becoming a professional columnist for a women's magazine is also on his radar. While in college Andrew has contributed sports columns to such sites like Foxsports.com, Insidehockey.com, and Bleacherreport.com. But don't be fooled, he isn't just your typical jock, after all he is willing to admit he actually loves chick flicks like "27 Dresses" "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" and "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". He also enjoys shows like "The OC", "One Tree Hill", "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" and "Teen Wolf" and wonders aloud why more college men don't open up about their love for these types of programs.