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These Are The Most Positive Tarot Cards To See In A Reading

A common misconception is that Tarot cards can tell the future. People want to know when they’ll fall in love or if they’ll go viral on the internet, but Tarot cards don’t really predict the future. Instead, Tarot is used as a tool to figure out what could happen in your life and how to take action to manifest your dreams. In essence, Tarot reading is the practice of wisdom and guidance through a specific spread of Tarot cards. The tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with its own meaning, divided into two sections: Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. 

If you’re new to the world of Tarot, you might be a little nervous about getting started. You’ve probably heard of the death card and thought, “yeah, I’m staying far away.” Funny enough, the death card is actually positive, and so are many of the cards that get pulled in a Tarot reading. 

It feels like (thanks to the constant Tarot pulls on my TikTok feed) that a lot more people are being introduced to Tarot. When you’re first introduced to Tarot, it can be extremely overwhelming — like, how is someone supposed to remember the meanings of 78 different cards?! 

Well, fear not, my little witch bestie, I’m here to help. While we don’t have the time to go through all 78 cards and their meanings — I thought a good place to start is sharing the 11 most positive Tarot cards. Because thinking about positivity, brings more positivity into our lives. So, kind of like lucky girl syndrome, but Tarot edition. 

The Sun

Starting off strong, The Sun. The Sun is kind of like the nepo baby of Tarot: well-known, beautiful, and easily recognizable. Arguably, The Sun is the most positive card in Tarot, and it’s a source of optimism, radiating joy and abundance. What more could you ask for?

Four of Wands

Four Of Wands signify celebration, harmony, and homecoming. Usually, celebrating a milestone in your business, an anniversary, or graduation. This card encourages you to go out and celebrate your accomplishments with your loved ones. 

The Lovers

This card is pretty self-explanatory — think about passion, love, and choices. It symbolizes a soulmate connection and also advises you to be aware of an upcoming decision. Maybe someone is going to ask you about forming a deeper commitment, love this for you, bestie!

Ace of Cups

The Ace Of Cups brings a very calming energy. Aces mark new beginnings, so think of new love, a new chapter, a second chance, or maybe a new outlook on life. Ace of cups is overflowing with divine blessings, which means it’s a great time to open your heart to all the universe has to offer.

The Chariot

2023 is the year of The Chariot. The Chariot card is about making moves forward. This card reminds us that we’re in control of our future, and we need to take steps to manifest our future. Whether that’s finally booking that trip, you’ve been dreaming about, applying to your dream internship, or moving across the country, The Chariot is rooting for you to take charge of your life.

The Magician

Pulling The Magician in a reading reminds you that you already have the resources to get whatever you’re asking for. The power is within you; you don’t need anyone’s help; everything you’re manifesting is already on its way to you. 

Nine of Cups 

Think of the Nine Of Cups as your own personal hypeman. Nine Of Cups wants you to recognize how great you are, and it’s telling you that everything is going your way. You should be so proud of yourself! Nine Of Cups wants you to celebrate and do things that bring you pure happiness.

The Empress

When The Empress card is drawn, think about getting in touch with your feminine energy. Give yourself the most sensual bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine. This card reminds everyone to indulge in the finer things and treat yourself, bestie!

The World

The World represents completion. Think of a full-circle moment and something coming to an end. Endings might sound negative, but this past year has taught me that endings can be beautiful, too. An ending is a time to reflect and reminisce on beautiful memories. 

The Wheel of Fortune

This card radiates good luck, karma, and gratitude. It’s a simple reminder that everything you’re doing is not going unnoticed by the universe, and a positive change is coming your way soon. You deserve it!

Ten of Pentacles

Ten Of Pentacles signifies financial abundance, and if you don’t have that right now, it’s promising that everything will eventually come together. This card brings a relieving feeling, reminding you that everything is working out in your favor. Think of it as a sense of security in your life. 

Avery Worley is a national writer for Her Campus. She has written across all verticals but takes a special interest in the wellness section, especially mental health, sex and relationships, and all things astrology. Beyond Her Campus, Avery attended New York University's Publishing Institute and is getting her Masters in Mass Communications from the University of Florida. When she isn't writing, you can find her exploring NYC with her latest romance novel in hand and relating way too much to "mirrorball" by Taylor Swift. If it's the fall, she's definitely rewatching Gilmore Girls.