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Here’s What The Mascara Wand Trend Actually Means On TikTok

I don’t know about you, but I feel like TikTok has a knack for purposefully vague trends. Think about it: the whole spraying perfume on your ankles trend had the app wondering, “WTF?” (ICYMI: the reason is pretty spicy.) And let us not forget about the cryptic “three months” breakup TikToks that took over the FYP in 2022. Sometimes, TikTok has a habit of purposefully leaving us in the dark in the name of a trend — and the mascara wand trend is no exception.

You’ve definitely seen it: #mascarawand has over 12 million views, with the top creators in the tag amassing hundreds of thousands of likes on a single video. The tag features a bunch of different creators talking about their “mascara wand” and, spoiler alert, they’re not actually talking about makeup. Think about it for a moment, and circle back when you’re ready.

In one video, a user writes, “my mascara wand kept trying out other mascara tubes, so i had to find a new one. i love my new mascara wand. it’s cruelty free, doesn’t make my eyes water, and the wand is much larger [smiling heart emoji]”. If you haven’t caught on already, I’m sure you just did.

And while many TikTokers are sharing their experience with various mascara wands, some creators have decided to share their love for “scissors” or “automatic mascaras.” So, if you’re wondering what’s up with all the code words, fear not: I’m here to let you know exactly what it all means.

Wait… What does “mascara wand” mean on TikTok?

To keep things PG-13, I’ll keep the explanation as vague as I possibly can. If you can think about what a mascara wand resembles, then you’re halfway there: the “mascara wands” referenced in these TikToks are a metaphor for men. Surprise! Seeing that the “wand” goes into the “tube”… it’s pretty self-explanatory. The trend is a way to bypass TikTok’s censorship rules when it comes to the ~spicier~ topics in creators’ love lives. It’s like using those middle school code words all over again!

Because of this trend, TikTok users have been airing out their tea like never before. Additionally, some wellness creators have taken to TikTok to tell audiences about the importance of clean mascara wands… you know… to make sure the tube stays clean as well. That’s where all the product is anyway, duh!


If you like mascara, fantastic. Just make sure you wrap it up before putting it in the tube #mascara #mascarawandtrend #mascaratube #mascarawand

♬ constellations by duster – ‍

Whether your mascara wand is your prospective Valentine, an ex, or bright pink with a variety of speed settings, you’re bound to find a story that relates to you. And, if you’re not a fan of wands at all, there are tons of creators out there talking about their favorite “tubes” and “scissors.” Honestly, the whole code word thing is growing on me. Is this what it’s like to be in on the joke for once?

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