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Lose the Freshman 15: Your TV Guided Workout

Hey Collegiettes!

It’s officially been over a week since I’ve started the Drop 10 plan and while things are going great, I’ve been getting a little bored with the same old fitness routine. It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes when I’m doing the same thing everyday. It’s been really easy for me to mix up my cardio by taking classes at Temple’s gym, but mixing up my strength training routine has been a little harder.

After trying to think of a solution day in and day out, it finally came to me in the place I was least expecting it: in front of the TV. I realized that I am always bored during the commercials so I decided to combine that with some of Self’s strength training moves to make things more fun. Plus this TV/workout combo is perfect for time managing with my constantly busy schedule. That being said I present to you:

The TV Commercial Workout Game

How it works: so we all know basically every channel repeats the same types of commercial over and over again, with The TV Commercial Workout Game you designate 12 reps of a Self Drop 10 strength training move to each category as follows:

Car Commercial= Conch Shell

Shopping Commercial= “Oh Hey!”

TV Show/Movie Trailer= Split ‘n’ Reach

Jewelry Commercial= Bottoms Up

Food/ Restaurant Commercial= Get Tipsy

Health/Beauty Commercial= Kick it Off

Miscellaneous: Move of your choice!

Not sure how to do some of the moves above? Check out a full description with pictures on Self’s website. The best part is that there is usually at least three commercial breaks per show so you’ll be able to say you completed a full strength training session while catching up on your favorite episodes!

Afterwards go ahead and reward yourself with one of you designated 200-calorie splurges! You deserve it!  One of my favorite post workout treats is Zico’s Coconut Water. It’s seriously the perfect combination between sweet and refreshing and I CANNOT get enough.

Let me know what some of your favorite post workout treats are in the comments!

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