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Lose the Freshman 15: Wake Up…DRANK!


Hello collegiettes! Hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday so far. It is currently snowing on my campus today (seriously Michigan weather? IT’S APRIL!) but I am not complaining because unlike most of my peers I am completely done with finals! Definitely looking forward to finally relaxing and going home to wonderful New York in a few days.

Good news: I weighed myself yesterday and lost…*drumroll*…4 pounds! That means I currently weigh 126. I was happily surprised to say the least – but I knew I really pushed myself this week and deserved it. It’s also such an amazing feeling when the jeans that were always slightly tight on you start to feel looser, or when you twist and turn and you no longer harbor the fear of your ‘muffin top’ popping out…

Anyways, one way I have noticed that most likely played a significant role in my weight loss is the drinks I consume each day. No, I’m not talking about the illegal kind. If you follow me on Twitter, you most likely can tell I positively love coffee. Not just love, I have a full-blown addiction. I have to drink it first thing when I wake up, and it’s usually a minimum of 2 cups. However, I recently read that about 20% of the calories we consume each day is due to what we’re drinking; considering the amount of calories in teach tablespoon of my French Vanilla creamer, I definitely believe that. That’s why this week I decided to only stick to the basics: black coffee, tea with a dash of honey, and water.

The black coffee part wasn’t too difficult – I bought a bag of ground Starbucks’ Blonde Roast, which is my favorite and pretty delicious on its own, and just brewed that in my room. Green, Peppermint, and Chamomile tea are my favorite flavors and helped relax me at the ends of each day. Considering I have a natural distaste for all things carbonated and therefore never drink soda, I just replaced my usual fruit punch/lemonade mix in the dining hall with water and guzzled it like nobody’s business.

Overall, I think replacing my usual drinks for black coffee, tea, and tons of water definitely attributed to helping my body feel healthier and lighter. If you’re a usual soda or yummy-yet-high-calorie frozen drink consumer, I would definitely recommend trying to cut them out for a week just to show how it can help you lose weight and feel great too. Don’t forget to keep following the Drop10 Diet, play the Dietbet game, and follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Until next time, bye guys!

With love,

Nicole E 

student at the University of Michigan, native New Yorker and downtown nyc / pop culture enthusiast. One of the 7 Her Campus + SELF Magazine "Lose the Freshman 15" bloggers!