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Lose The Freshman 15: New York City Healthy Style!


Hey guys,

Sorry that this update is so late. I had such a great day in New York City today. Since I’m super tired and exhausted, I’ll make this post a bit short and give you the highlights of my day.

Being in the city means one thing, you’re going to walk A LOT. I walked so much today that my feet are absolutely killing me. I normally never count walking as exercise but I honestly have to.  When I should have switched trains to make my life easier, I didn’t and therefore had to walk so many blocks to get to one of my interviews. Then later, I hung out with my fellow blogger, Morgan, and her friends and we walked (and stood) for a while.

Afterwards, we hung out with another blogger, Anna. We three, and Morgan’s friend Austin, had a great time. We went out to dinner at this cute little Mexican place called Lucy’s Cantina Royale. I had a steak burrito and some water. The burrito was delicious, reasonably priced, and was very close to the sort of things we eat in Drop10 Diet. We talked and laughed about all of our favorite and least favorite things about losing weight. It was nice to be around people who knew what I was going through.

I have an internship for this summer! I’m going to be working for New York City’s Human Resources Agency, Finance Unit. As an economics major, business minor, this is pretty cool. I start working on June 3rd so I’ll still have a bit of fun before I start to work. I’ll be working until I go back to school in August, except for when I take a week off the week of July 4th to go to Washington D.C. By the way, I look good in business casual.

I got my grades back from school. Super excited about that. I received an A+ (unheard of in my group of friends), an A-, a C, and a C-. Overall not a bad semester. Randomly saw my Italian teacher today in New York City. It was really crazy since I hadn’t known he’d be there and it was just so random it was cool. Apparently he’s traveling throughout the United States for his summer vacation. Very jealous!

Update on my goals: I’m not going to bother doing P90X. It’s too much of a hassle. Instead, I’m upping my 300 mile goal to 450 miles. I’m sure that makes up for my not doing P90X. Plus I’ll be going to the gym and pumping iron! I’m going to have muscles :)

The ever happy,

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Danielle is a sophomore at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY majoring in Economics. As a lover of all things money, she is a member of the Society of Women in Business, the Cornell Economics Society, and the Cornell Financial Club. She spends her free time figure skating, reading books in Italian, and creating creative ways to procrastinate.
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