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Lose The Freshman 15: How to Survive Finals Week(s)



Hey guys,

It’s that time of year again: finals. No matter what, finals are always a stressful period for everyone. Personally, I’m a nervous nail bitter and a stress eater. Of course the only thing I ever crave during this period is junk. I knew a girl who would get so nervous that she wouldn’t be able to eat for days. While both of us had different ways to deal with stress, we were both hurting ourselves.

As finals draw nearer, my first one is this Wednesday, I promise myself that I will not nervously eat.

These next two weeks are going to be a personal test for me to see if I’m capable of using the things I’ve learned since starting the Lose the Freshman 15 during a stressful time. Obviously I love to make lists so I’m going to list some healthy destressers for all of you college kidies.

Snack on Popcorn – SELF’s  Drop10 Diet has wonderful low calorie ideas for other snacks. Make smoothies using ZICO coconut water and fresh fruit. Popcorn is super yummy and made of whole grain which means it’s packed with fiber. If you air-pop popcorn and use the no salt or butter version, it’s nearly sodium- and fat-free. If you don’t have air-popper just buy popcorn kernels, drop it in a pot, add a little bit of oil or butter, throw a cover on it, and shake the pot over a stove until most of the popping stops. You can also try DIY microwavable popcorn. Just put some kernels into a plain brown paper lunch bag, fold the top down a few times, and throw it into the microwave. I do NOT recommend the microwavable bags you can get at the store because it has a lot of chemicals in the bag itself and on the popcorn kernels.

Workout –If you hate running do something else. Pilates is really good for toning up your body, but don’t think it’s going to be easy, because it can be pretty tough. Swimming is one of the best ways to burn calories. It’s much more fun and you’re cool the entire time. The best part of working out is that it pumps you with hormones: endorphins that makes you happy and block any feelings of pain; serotonin that is responsible for happiness, restful sleep, a healthy appetite, more energy, and clearer thinking; and dopamine which is a pleasure chemical and people with dopamine deficiency are more prone to weight gain.

Look out a Window –Get up, take a minute break from that epic love affair you’re having with your textbook and look out a window. Looking out at natural scenes has a relaxing effect on people. It can lower your heart rate as well. Looking at pictures of natural scenes doesn’t work at all. Make sure you go outside every now and then and soak in some sun, it’ll do wonders for your happiness levels. Or better yet, go for a light jog.

Procrastinate – Working too hard for hours isn’t going to help. You’re going to get distracted anyways so why not take an hour and procrastinate so you can be ready to work again. Hang out with  your friends, watch an episode of a show you’ve missed, play video games. Better yet, check out all of the cool Her Campus articles. If you’re truly in a time crunch, workout as your procrastination. 

Don’t get too stressed out you guys. Good luck on your finals.

May the force be with you. May the odds be ever in your favor. Other movie quotes that mean good luck.

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Danielle is a sophomore at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY majoring in Economics. As a lover of all things money, she is a member of the Society of Women in Business, the Cornell Economics Society, and the Cornell Financial Club. She spends her free time figure skating, reading books in Italian, and creating creative ways to procrastinate.
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