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Lose the Freshman 15: Healthy Snacking with popchips

I’ve never liked baked chips. They’re dry, bland and well…a sorry excuse for a potato chip. I mean, what’s the point of eating them if they aren’t even going to resemble a chip, right?

This presented a big problem seeing as I used to have a pretty bad case of the munchies all throughout high school and my freshman year. I had a craving to satisfy, but I didn’t want to subject myself to the unnecessary greasy calories. People suggested air popped popcorn; but I’m sorry, if I’m going to eat a snack, I’d like to taste it.
So what’s a poor snacker to do? Fortunately for me, I was introduced to my snacking saving grace when I interned in New York last summer. An editor asked me to pick up some Popchips from a vending machine one day, and after the delivery, curiosity got the best of me, so I bought my own bag.

HEAVEN! If paradise came in chip form, it would be a Popchip. Never baked. Never fried. Only popped. Somehow, that’s a magical formula for awesome.
You may think I’m over exaggerating, but I challenge you to take a bite for yourself and see. I mentioned a while back how I brought my own snack to a party I was at, and my Popchips mesmerized EVERYONE. Everyone kept asking for a taste and raving about how they couldn’t believe how tasty, yet healthy these chips were.
My favorite part? The single serving bag comes in the same sized package as any other chip bag, so you don’t feel deprived at all just looking at them unlike other 100 calorie snack packs. Also, the flavors are ridiculously awesome. Potato tastes like a potato chip and sour cream and onion is packed full of flavor. Though, I must confess, the cheese flavored ones taste just like cheesey poofs. With all the options, it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite flavor.
Popchips make dieting so much easier, because I think people tend to believe they can only eat carrot sticks or fruit as a snack. While fruits and veggies are a sure-fire way to maintain your weight, living a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to live a bland life without flavor.

And trust me. If you’re looking for flavor, grab some Popchips. They’re the guilt-free way quelling your munchies.
Plus, Jillian Michaels, who helped design the Jump Start Diet, even recommends them as a snack. Jillian doesn’t sugarcoat anything either, so that’s enough proof for me to know that when it comes to snacking, Popchips are a great alternative for those craving something salty.
I’m currently waiting for a big shipment of some to throw a “Healthy-but-Delicious” party for my friends. I can’t wait to get others hooked on my favorite healthy munchy. Have you tried them yet? Let me know what you think!
For more information a bout the Jump Start Diet, visit SELF.com. Also email me at NikkiRoberti@HerCampus.com or tweet me anytime @Nikki_Roberti.

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Nikki is a senior at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC majoring in journalism. Obsessed with all things magazines, she hopes to one day be a health editor for a publication in New York. She interned at Parents magazine through ASME and also reported on the hill in D.C. through the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire semester in Washington program. Currently, she is the Health Editor for Jaye Magazine and runs the health-meets-wedding planning blog, The Bloated Bride.
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