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Lose The Freshman 15: DietBet Winner?


Hey guys,

The DietBet ends today. If you don’t know what or don’t remember what DietBet is I’ll gladly explain to you. DietBet is a site where you are able to lose weight socially. You put money into the pot (hence the bet) and have four weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. The whole idea is that you’re more likely to lose weight if you’re with friends and are able to win money.

When I first started the Lose the Freshman 15, I was 166.5 pounds. If I had lost 4% of my starting weight I would be 159.84 pounds. However, we started the DietBet a week later. If you remember correctly, in the first week, I lost an astounding 4 pounds, some of which I gained backed the following week. This means that when I started the DietBet I weighed 162 pounds and 4% less would be 155.5 pounds.

When I weighed myself today, I weighed 160 pounds. I might not have won but I’m excited about my progress. I’m 6.5 pounds lighter than when I started! Egad that’s so great.

There’s going to be another Lose the Freshman 15 DietBet that starts on Thursday so remember to sign up for  Round 2. It’s only $20 to enter. Remember, you only have to lose 4% of your weight to win. If you don’t win, the other winners divide up your money. For this next round I have to lose 6.4 pounds.

I’m nervous but at least it’ll be helping me lose as much weight as I possibly can before the summer ends. I have to be a bridesmaid in two different weddings (scary). I’ll be running, doing pilates, and dieting using the tips I learned from the Drop10 Diet

My goal for this summer is to run at least 300 miles, which sounds a bit hard but it’s not really. All I have to do is run for 5 miles a day for 5 days a week for three months. If I put the treadmill on 5 I only have to run for an hour.

Toodles lovelies,

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Danielle is a sophomore at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY majoring in Economics. As a lover of all things money, she is a member of the Society of Women in Business, the Cornell Economics Society, and the Cornell Financial Club. She spends her free time figure skating, reading books in Italian, and creating creative ways to procrastinate.
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