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Lose the Freshman 15: Combating Vacation Food with Exercise

School is done, work is done and I’m currently in Santa Barbara, California for the first time in over two years to spend a week relaxing at home before the chaos of summer unfolds.
I’m anticipating a week of beach days, late morning sleep-ins and great times spent with my family and friends.
There’s just one minor problem: How can I be expected to strictly follow my diet when I’ll be surrounded by such amazing food all week long?
Well, I can’t be.
I can’t be expected to pass on eating my mother’s delicious homemade dishes, especially tomorrow at Easter lunch when I know that she’s going all out. I can’t be expected to miss out on eating at some of my favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara (because I NEVER get the opportunity to do so – even if one of those restaurants does include an amazing hamburger place called In-n-Out). And, I can’t be expected to completely refuse eating Easter candy (considering it’s absolutely my favorite kind of candy during the year).
But, I can be expected to do a few things if I’m going to be a little looser with my diet this week:
I can be expected to monitor my portions. There’s no sense in eating more than necessary, and I promise not to stuff myself past the point of fullness. I plan to enjoy the food that I eat this week, but enjoy it only until my appetite is satisfied.
I can be expected to balance my indulgent meals with healthier options. If I plan on eating a big hamburger for lunch (which I’m surely going to do one day this week), than I’ll eat a smaller, less calorie heavy breakfast and dinner.
But most importantly, I can be expected to exercise every day to combat the extra calories that I’ll inevitably be indulging in this week.
I’m going to take the opportunity this week to enjoy that breezy, beautiful Santa Barbara weather (thank goodness I’m away from the Florida humidity, even if it’s only for a week) and run my little heart out on the beach and throughout town.
I can’t wait.
I also brought Jillian Michaels all the way across the country with me. So I can’t wait to try out Level 3 of her 30-Day Shred and continue toning my body.
Above all else, I’m just excited for the chance to relax. This semester was really stressful for me and a week at home with my family and friends is just what the doctor ordered!
And if I gain a pound or two back from eating my little heart out, who cares?
It’s not the end of the world. 

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Sara Kaner was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California and first fell in love with journalism as a freshman in high school thanks to her wonderful Intro to Journalism teacher. A family move brought her to Fort Myers, Florida the summer after her freshman year of high school, but she continued to pursue an interest in journalism. She is in her second year at the University of Florida and is pursuing a dual degree in Public Relations and Psychology. She is heavily involved on the UF campus and dedicates most of her time to her various organizations and to her friends. She loves people, magazines, sports and social media, and she hopes to combine all three in her job someday. For now, she aspires to attend Law School and specialize in Media Law. She secretly aspires to be Chelsea Handler, but she's happy being herself for the moment, just as long as she can lose the freshman 15 this semester.
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