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Julie Is Bringing Emergency Contraception Education To College Campuses (For Free, Too)

Emergency contraception is one of the most debated topics when it comes to reproductive rights. Despite this, sparking conversation around emergency contraception, birth control, and bodily autonomy has never been more important — especially when it comes to college students. During a time of sexual exploration, folks with uteruses need to be educated about their bodies and their options when it comes to contraception. And emergency contraceptive brand Julie is traveling to college campuses around the U.S. to remind people that they are always there when you need it. 

Through a series of activations and collaborations, Julie aims to be readily available whether you are crossing campus after a fun Friday night or trying to plan for future hookups. I had the opportunity to chat with Amanda Morrison, co-founder and president of Julie, about the company’s newest campaign — which puts college kids first.

What is Julie?

Julie is an emergency contraceptive, or morning-after pill, brand that is focused on de-stigmatization, empowerment, and education. The brand was founded by Morrison, Julie Schott, and Brian Bordainick and launched in September 2022, just a few months after the overturn of Roe v. Wade. The morning-after pill is most effective within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Julie is available in all 50 states, and can be purchased in a single ($42) and two pack ($70) at major retailers like Walmart and Target. Oh, and unlike other emergency contraceptives, there is no weight limit for using Julie.

Julie is bringing a conversation about contraception to campuses. 

The campaign, which is called “Julie: There When You Need It,” focuses on Julie’s reliability amidst the chaos of the back-to-school season — especially when it comes to hooking up. “You have all of these things to do, and emergency contraception should be the last thing you are worried about,” Morrison tells Her Campus. “Given the world we live in, college students are very concerned about reproductive rights, and what Julie is saying is we are just going to be there, in all of the ways.” 

Morrison also pointed out that there are a lot of factors that impact a college student’s ability to access emergency contraception. “You have to get [EC] in people’s hands, or they won’t use it,” she says. “They might be too scared to go buy it, they might be worried about what people will say about it, or they might not have the money [to purchase it].”

Additionally, Morrison explains that a goal of this campaign is to educate college students on the ins and outs of taking emergency contraception — explaining how it works, how to take it to make it most effective, and any other questions students might have. “Giving out all of that information to make sure people know how to use the product and that it’s safe is equally important,” she adds. 

Where is Julie popping up? 

To bring the conversation around EC to college students nationwide, Julie is hitting the road to 11 universities in the United States. Students at the University of Florida, Howard University, UCLA, USC, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Michigan, UT-Austin, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Jackson State University, Columbia Law School, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham, get excited: Julie is coming to see you (and hand out free emergency contraceptives).

If you are a student at UCLA, UT Austin, and U Michigan, Julie will be stopping by with coffee carts, full of caffeine, breakfast sandwiches, and information about emergency contraception for any morning-after adventures back to your dorm. “We are all about making a better morning after,” Morrison says.

Julie is also partnering with Friday Beers at local bars for big football games to entertain and educate party-goers for Kansas @ UT on Sept. 29 at Rustic Tap in Austin, Texas, Iowa @ Wisconsin on Oct. 13 at Kollege Klub in Madison, Wisconsin, Arkansas @ Florida on Nov. 4 at The Swamp in Gainesville, Florida, and USC vs UCLA on Nov. 18 at Rockin Reillys in Los Angeles. 

Julie will also be visiting campuses to table with student organizations. Julie partnered with Planned Parenthood Generation for Action at U of Alabama Birmingham and Girls Coalition and Omega Psi Phi at Jackson State University on Sept. 12. The Julie team will be partnering with The Black Law Student Association at Columbia Law on Oct. 4, and Howard’s Royal Court at Howard University on Oct. 13. All are welcome to attend the events hosted by Julie. 

What about the overturn of Roe v. Wade

While the overturn of Roe doesn’t affect the ability for Julie to be sold in the U.S., Julie recognizes that for some folks, emergency contraception can be the last line of defense. So, with Julie’s Buy One, Give One program, Morrison says the company is focused on choosing donation partners who help get Julie to people in states where abortion access is now restricted. 

 “Overall, Julie believes that everybody should have access to products, information, and education to support their well-being and freedom,” Morrison says. “We are for any choice a woman wants to make about themselves. Period.”

What do I do if Julie isn’t coming to my campus? 

If your campus isn’t on the Julie: There When You Need It tour, there are still ways that you can get involved with the company, and bring emergency contraception to your campus. If you are looking to host an event distributing Julie, or create change on your campus through EC vending machines or safe sex discussion, Morrison encourages you to reach out to Julie through a student organization.

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