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Bumble Is Rebranding, But Will Gen Z Be Interested?

At this point, it’s pretty clear that Gen Z is over dating apps. But what’s even wilder is that dating apps might also be over dating apps. ICYMI, the popular dating platform Bumble has been posting some cryptic content on their socials, and the internet is intrigued: Is Bumble rebranding? What’s the deal with “firefly?” Does anyone know what’s going on? Y’all, I fear the Bumble rebrand is coming.

If you’re confused, don’t worry — so is the rest of the world. On the weekend of April 27, Bumble deleted its entire Instagram feed, changed its profile picture to a frustrated baroque-period woman, and changed its bio to read one word: “Exhausted.” Since then, the brand has posted several photos announcing the app’s rebrand, which is coming on April 30.

Not much is known about what the Bumble rebrand actually entails, but there are some clues. For the most part, this apparent rebrand seems to stem from Gen Z’s apparent distaste for modern dating. Bumble’s recent posts include tons of imagery relating to exhaustion, sleep, and feeling — frankly — over it. I mean, the brand put a giant inflatable bed next to the Santa Monica Pier — if that doesn’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will.

There are tons of theories on TikTok about what Bumble is cooking up. Creator @itsneetie took to the app to post her findings after investigating the Bumble rebrand. Neetie says that she actually discovered a mystery account called “Firefly” that was only followed by Bumble, which she believed to be a competitor to Raya. Additionally, back in January 2024, Bumble supposedly glitched and “turned into ‘Firefly'” for a moment. OK, this is on some major Taylor Swift sh*t.


big changes afoot at Bumble #startups

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Bumble has been playing into the confusion too: they’ve been commenting on creators’ videos and stirring up more hype for their big announcement on April 30. So, if you’re tired of online dating, perhaps Bumble is coming to the rescue. Or, maybe not. I guess we’ll have to see.

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