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So, Someone Ate Me Out During My Period, & He’s Kind of My Hero

We all know that period sex is taboo. Freshman year, I hooked up with this guy who, a week later, hit me up again, but when I said I was on my period he said that his ex-girlfriend’s period had meant “blow job week.”

So that was all he was willing to do.

I did not hook up with him again.

Women are constantly shamed for having periods both subtly and explicitly.

It can be people saying a woman can’t be president because of her menstrual cycle or the fact that tampons are taxed as a luxury item (because bleeding for a week is such a luxury).

When it comes to period sex, I have heard a lot of mixed responses. Some people are like the guy I hooked up with freshman year who think that periods are gross and physical contact with blood should be avoided at all costs. But there are also people feel like period sex is beneficial, there’s more lubrication I am more hormonal. Fun fact, strippers actually make more money during their period. I am definitely on the side of period sex being great.

Why would I want to stop having sex for a week when I am most horny?

I have had my fair share of period sex. It's kind of amazing, and, IMO, everyone should do it.

I have typically been with guys who have the same point of view as me when it comes to period sex. All you need is a towel so you don’t have to wash your sheets (all my sheets are white so that would be especially problematic) and you are good to go.

However, I like many women have trouble orgasming during sex. The only real way to make me cum is oral, and sometimes not even then. This became a challenge with period sex. Even I felt weird about the idea of a guy going down on me during my time of the month, so that was something I never expected to happen.

Then I was at my friend’s party one night and I met this guy. There was some chatting and flirting, and he ended up going home with me. As you probably expected, I was on my period, which didn’t phase him. Why? Because he is a winner, people. While we were hooking up he started to go down on me. I reminded him I was on my period, because I thought he probably forgotten. He hadn’t he just didn’t care. 

Before that night I would never expect someone to swallow my blood. I don’t have any deeply hidden Twilight fantasies so it wasn’t in my realm of comfort. But looking back over my life I wonder if I was shamed into feeling that way.

Honestly there are so many fluids that happen regularly during sex and none of them are that appealing, so why is blood so different?

After I hooked up with him, I told my friends about it, and all of them had the same general response of being shocked that someone would do that. My female friends tended to give me similar responses saying that they would feel weird about a guy going down on them during their period. Until recently, I would have agreed with them.

It is not that I now expect men to go down on my during my time of the month, because I don’t. I wouldn’t make a guy do something he is very against doing. But everyone should be more open to the idea of oral during menstruation. What is everyone so afraid of? Why can’t a guy eat me out while I am on my period, considering that I don’t have any diseases? Why can’t I or other women accept that kind of physical attention? I know women who feel weird about receiving oral when they’re not menstruating, let alone when they are.

Women should be allowed to receive pleasure while they are on their periods. Period culture revolves so much about shaming women, when we should be the ones who are already suffering. Screw period shaming and “blowjob week,” menstruation should be the time of the month when women are made to feel empowered and beautiful. It completely acceptable to want oral on your period—because that is the time when you probably need it most.

I am a fourth year English major at Cal Poly. I love petting all the dogs I walk by and asking people weird questions (ex. What is your favorite form of potato?). In my writing, and in my life, I like to explore sex and sexuality thereby creating a sex positive environment. A huge portion of feminism leans upon our cultural views towards sex and sexuality and I would like to make it more inclusive. I also love playing the ukulele, eating ice cream and dying my hair fun colors.
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