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How to Remember to Take Your Pill– Every Time!

Somewhere along the line it happens to everyone– whether you were too busy with homework or you were completely distracted by this week’s episode of “Modern Family”, you completely spaced and forgot to take your pill. That sinking feeling when you open the pack the next day and see the previous day’s pill in there is like a sucker punch, but here’s the good news: there’s a free app you can download to help you avoid that sinking feeling.

The MediSafe Project is the first “pillbox app” or medication reminder app, and it will send an alert to your phone reminding you to take your pill at the same time every day. Even better, it sends alerts to a list of people you specify when you miss a dose, so your roommate, best friend, or boyfriend can call you out on forgetting and remind you to take it!

Consistency is a huge responsibility when it comes to birth control– the pill is only 1% ineffective if taken at the same time every day, but that number jumps to a whopping 9% when one dose or more is missed per month (that’s 9 out of 100 women!). Avoid being one of those 9 women by downloading this app and making sure that you don’t get that crap-I-forgot-to-take-my-pill-yesterday feeling ever again– and even if you’re on the pill, make sure you’re really ready for sex before you walk out of the doctor’s office and into the bedroom. 

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