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HC’s Ultimate College Guy Survey Results: What Guys Think About Sex, Dating, Marriage, Birth Control, and more!

As Editor of Her Campus, I’ve learned that one topic you’d love some more insight on — aside from how to get a high-powered internship, rock the latest trends, and ace your next midterm — is GUYS. It seems like no matter how much we analyze each text, consult our wise sorority big sisters, and bug our guy friends themselves, we’re still left in the dark about a whole lot about the college male psyche.

So we went straight to the source — the GUYS. In fact, we surveyed over 1,000 of them from more than 350 schools across the country to get them to tell us the real deal about, well, pretty much everything. And now we have the results.

We surveyed 1,176 guys, age 18-23, from more than 350 colleges across the country representing 46 states and 45 home states. 85% of guys were heterosexual. The classes of 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 were almost equally represented. 82% of guys were Caucasian, 9% were Asian, 5% were Hispanic, 5% were African American, and 6% listed another category (respondents could select more than one race). 64% of respondents were single.

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Infographics by Ruirui Kuang


Infographics by Kelsey Thorn


Infographics by Yukino Kondo


Infographics by Tessa ten Cate


Infographics by Kelsey Thorn


Infographics by Krista Firkins


Infographics by Brittany Peipert


Infographics by Brittany Peipert

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