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11 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Daily Dose of Positive Affirmation

It’s safe to say 2020 has thrown us all in the deep end, and sometimes, it feels like it’s hard to come up for air. It’s necessary to take a minute every day to remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can, and that it’s okay to feel the way you do. Here are some Instagram accounts to follow, so that when you’re scrolling endlessly through your feed, a few posts will force you to smile and add some positive affirmation to your day!

Brianna (@thehoneydesignco)

Artist Brianna Collins runs @thehoneydesignco, which specializes in hand lettering as its main medium. Collins posts content inspired by her faith (as her bio mentions that she is “saved by grace”), but whether you are religious or not, her posts emit such soothing energy. Her feed’s color palette is neutral hues and earthy colors that you’ll love.

Dani DiPirro (@positivelypresent)

Dani DiPirro is a Washington D.C. author and artist that runs @positivelypresent. DiPirro’s account utilizes vibrant shades and pops of wild color. She uses this color to promote self-love, healthy coping mechanisms, and positivity. 

Ellen Hope (@mynames_ellen)

Ellen Hope is an England-based artist who shares “daily pops of sparkly, kind, happy stuff.” Hope utilizes her art to help those suffering from poor mental health while raising awareness about it.

Emily Coxhead (@emilycoxhead)

Emily Coxhead is a designer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed happy-thing maker! She is also the founder and creator of The Happy News, which is a quarterly newspaper dedicated to focusing on the good things happening around the world. Coxhead has also published two books, Make Someone Happy and You Are Incredible Just As You Are.

Faith & Kerra (@artsyaffirmations)

Faith and Kerra Henke are a sister-duo that run @artsyaffirmations. Although they started off as a One Direction fan-art account (their words, not mine!), they have branched out and now create hand-lettered quotes and illustrations among other things. 

Jayne Hardy (@jaynehardy_)

Jayne Hardy is a Cornwall-based author and creator with passions for self-care, the mind, leadership, and parenting. Hardy also created The Blurt Foundation, a social enterprise committed to raising awareness about depression and helping those affected by it. 

Jess Sharp (@jessrachelsharp)

Based in West-Yorkshire, Jess Sharp is a writer and designer who began creating her art while experiencing her own difficulties. Her story pervades her work. Sharp creates art surrounding anxiety and mental health and much of her work features pastels and florals.

Morgan Harper Nichols (@morganharpernichols)

Morgan Harper Nichols is a poet and artist based out of California who writes poetry and creates digital mixed media art. She draws inspiration for her work from real-life events and experiences. Nichols also has a form on her website that allows people to submit stories, questions, or topics; she then picks someone to create a personalized piece of art for and sends it to them. This artist’s dedication to the public cannot go unnoticed.

Nikki Miles (@nikkimiles_)

Nikki Miles is a multidisciplinary illustrator from London who uses a mix of painting and digital media to create her designs. She often uses radiant and vivid illustrations such as flowers and hearts to embellish expressions that are inspiring and warming to read.

Stacie Swift (@stacieswift)

Stacie Swift is an illustrator and author who focuses on mental health, positivity, and self-care. Swift’s art is “a colourful combination of hand-drawn images and type.” Her upcoming book titled You Are Positively Awesome (that title, wow) is scheduled to be released soon!

Veronica Dearly (@veronicadearly)

Veronica Dearly is an illustrator who creates relatable drawings meant to be shared! Dearly started off by designing wedding invitations on Microsoft Powerpoint. Once discovering the possibility of her work, she set off on the road to do more. Dearly found her style after coming to the realization that people always enjoy humor, and she embraced this with open arms.

Hopefully, a quick glance at these creations will remind you to relax your body, mind and soul. 

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