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Bring The Fireworks To The Bedroom With These Hot AF Fourth Of July Sex Positions

With all of the chaos happening in the country right now, feeling patriotic about our nation is literally the last thing on my mind this holiday. For this year’s Fourth of July, I don’t want to be drowned in red, white, and blue anymore — I want to actually avoid it at all costs and hide under the covers for a hot second — literally — with some sexy Fourth of July sex positions.

Since this year’s holiday is falling on a Thursday, you know this extra-long weekend is going to be packed with extra sexy fun. But why not take this chance to change up some things and create some fireworks of your own? Scratch lounging by the pool or attending the same old parties. I want to turn this year’s festivities into a different kind of celebration — in between the sheets. I’m sorry Founding Fathers, but it’s time to rewrite the sex ed constitution by unleashing some “unpatriotic” sex styles by giving you all of the power in the bedroom. These positions might just be the super playful and intimate twist to reignite that sex-revolutionary spark and bring some sexy back into the holiday weekend.

Who’s ready to skip the sparklers and champagne for something truly explosive, as let your imagination run wild and let freedom ring in the most delightful ways? I know I’m ready to put patriotism in the backseat, so here are four Fourth of July sex positions to try when you’re not feeling super patriotic and you’re in the mood to celebrate in your own unique way.

Standing, in the shower

After all those scorchers and summer heat waves running through the nation, it’s time to cool down with a sizzling summer shower sex sesh. Stand in the shower with the giving partner gently supporting the you from the back against the shower wall. To make it even more spicy, use some good old-fashioned dirty talk to instruct your partner to pleasure you in all the ways you like. The cool water adds an extra element of sensuality, heat, and even relief. This is the perfect way to make your summer nights even more steamy.


You know, the fourth isn’t just about Independence Day. Nowadays it’s all about the food — from spooning out dishes of ice cream to watching that hot dog eating contest (makes me want a hot dog real bad, if you know what I mean). And what better way to do “it” than getting hot and heavy under the blankets? (Bonus points if it’s a picnic blanket.) To do this, lay down with your partner, with the giving partner spooning and penetrating you from the back. From there, you can place your partner’s hands wherever you like, and grind against them in whatever way makes you feel good. This position allows for intimate, close contact and is perfect for lazy summer afternoons.


You’ll definitely start seeing stars with this one. On the Fourth, it might seem like there are stars and stripes everywhere, and you just can’t escape them. And I promise you’ll still be riding out all of those unpatriotic feelings anyway. To do this, kneel over top of your partner with your knees on either side of your partner’s face. Then, your partner can show some love with oral pleasure, using their hands to caress and tease the thighs and butt.

The V

Yes, I know we’re not trying to be super patriotic over here, but why deal with all of those crowded fireworks shows when you can have them in your own bedroom? And with the finale, the Fourth is basically over anyway, so have the time of your life and explode with happiness with how good you feel. In a spread eagle-like position (don’t worry, I’m not making a reference to ‘Merica’s bald eagle here), you’ll be banging it out as you lay on your back, legs straight up in a V shape, ready for your giving partner’s deep penetration with a dildo or genitalia. Or plot twist, try it with a vibrating sex toy to experience the grand finish of orgasm fireworks.

Raise your own flags, besties, because this Fourth is going to be celebrated in an unapologetically way. While patriotism isn’t exactly the vibe I’m going for here, you can still make history with these four empowering and fun Fourth of July sex positions. So, whether you’re face-sitting, performing the V, spooning, or standing in the shower, enjoy being that sexy super graphic ultra-modern person this holiday.

Lily Brown

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