A Workout Worth Checking Out: One World of Yoga

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Not only can stress from school, work and internships weigh heavily on the minds of collegiettes, but it can also really take its toll on our bodies. And while we know yoga is a great way to relieve tension, increase flexibility and promote overall peace of mind, making it to a yoga class isn’t always feasible for the busy collegiette’s schedule.   

Enter One World of Yoga: the on-the-go yoga lover’s way to participate in quality yoga classes at your own convenience. OWY offers online streaming options for users to access sessions using their computer or mobile device, and at five dollars a week, provides busy yogis the best of both worlds for much less than they would be paying at a gym or yoga center.

With no annoying ads to interrupt your zen, OWY gives participants the ability to choose between different types of yoga to create their own, unique routine. And with options including Vinyasa yoga, Power yoga and Pilates that range from five to forty-five minute sessions, there’s something for everyone on this site 24/7.

The thing we love most about One World? Their adherence to the yogic concept of seva, the tradition of charitable service, by allowing their subscribers to send ten percent of their payment to a charitable organization.

Plus, they're offering a discount specifically to Her Campus readers. Just use the code 1world1week to try One World of Yoga for a week for only a penny!

A site that allows us to tone up and wind down at our own convenience? We may have just found our new favorite workout. You can also check out One World of Yoga on their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter @OneWorldofYoga. Namaste!