What it's Like to Train for a Marathon, as Told by 'Girls'

Admittedly, the idea of running used to hold no appeal for you.

You really didn’t even think exercise was your thing.

But this year, you decided to try training for a marathon.

Yes, it may be a totally new experience for you…

…but you feel confident you can do it, and you won’t be told otherwise.

First, you try making your usual cardio routine a little more intense.

You change your eating habits as well. You’ve got to eat big to get big, right?

The training isn’t so bad at first…

…but as you gradually increase the distance, your daily runs prove to be more of a challenge.

But you’re in too deep to back out now…

…because you’ve told too many people about your big plans.

You begin to question if you even have the strength to continue on.

You ache in places you didn’t even know existed.

Your healthy-eating plan has dissolved into you feeling validated to eat whatever you’d like…

…and you find yourself catching a few minutes of sleep wherever you can.

Just when you think running a marathon maybe just isn’t for you…

…you finally begin to find your stride!

You remember why you began training in the first place, and you get back that motivation you started with.

And when you finally cross that finish line on race day, the feeling is greater than anything you’ve ever experienced.