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Readers, lend us your ears! Listening to erotic audio is about to be your new favorite steamy pastime. Gen Z grew up reading erotica on sites like FanFiction.net and Wattpad, and is continuing to popularize smutty books on #booktok. Audiobooks are also blowing up, with huge revenue growth in recent years, according to the Audio Publishers Association. So this porn format feels like the perfect storm of all of these trends. They take the form of read-aloud sexy stories, guided masturbation, dirty talk, and more. 

As a newer form of erotica, audio porn presents a different way to consume porn, where imagination is king. The audio-only pornography that you’ll find on this list often centers women and queer stories, two perspectives that have found themselves pushed aside in favor of the male gaze in a lot of traditional video porn. Often independently made by sex workers and sex bloggers, these stories are typically free of charge. (Although, supporting creators on Patreon certainly wouldn’t hurt!)

Much like the female gaze on screen is creating more realistic portrayals of sex, allow the “female ear” to guide your imagination and masturbation material. Check out these 10 places to find erotic audio for women online.


This website is upfront with their women-led ethical practices. On the Community tab, Quinn remarks how “Conventional visual pornography isn’t designed to make women feel good.” But Quinn is a place of sexual empowerment. Users can contribute to the community by uploading their own written stories, guided masturbation sessions, and erotic sounds of themselves. You can download the Quinn app for free to listen more easily, though you get unlimited access with a $4.99/month subscription.

The site’s different tabs allow you to filter by voice actor, category, and kink, so you can find the right experience for yourself (some categories have hundreds of options). Quinn also has a handful of curated playlists if you’d rather not do the work of searching yourself — these include everything from holiday-themed recordings to specific porny scenarios for WLW and male moans, so you can find something you’ll like no matter who (or what) you’re into.


This popular music app has more than just your favorite albums and artists: Spotify also offers a host of free erotica podcasts, and a quick typing of the word “erotic” into the search bar produces hundreds of options.

You can find one to fit your specific language needs and preferences, but if you’re looking for somewhere to get started, try listening to story-based podcasts like Cum With Us: Audio Stories for Women, Erotic short Stories and Sensual Roleplays, and Erotic ASMR Audio Desires — a few of which provide links to their own site if you’d rather not have these showing up in your next Spotify Wrapped. Spotify is also ideal for college students because of its student discount, which reduces the subscription price to $4.99 a month, and includes access to Hulu and SHOWTIME streaming services.

If plot lines aren’t your thing, you can search under “Episodes” to find Erotic Sounds instead.

Girl On The Net

Aside from audio porn, anonymous U.K. sex blogger Girl on the Net has published two erotic memoirs and provides discounts for sex toys on her website. On her About section, the creator describes her aim to challenge sex stigma because “Watching porn – if it’s ethical porn you’ve paid for to support those who create it – is not shameful.” Her audio porn ranges from steamy narrated stories to guest-told experiences.

While her site is free to enjoy, you can support her and the other sex bloggers on her site through her Patreon.

On Queer Street

The creator of On Queer Street, a sex blog with LGBTQ+ friendly articles and audio porn, describes himself as a “queer, trans, disabled sex blogger” on the On Queer Street site. Originally a solo project, the site transformed into a collaborative space for other sex bloggers.

Their audio porn selection includes specific plot-based scenarios and are recorded by a number of different people, so you can find the story (and the voice) most compelling to you. If you decide to listen, it’s technically free, but you can support their work on Patreon.


Most of us haven’t been on Tumblr since the 2010s, but don’t count the blogging app out just yet. While Tumblr controversially banned sexually explicit visual porn in 2018, the social media site still hosts audio porn. Since these are mainly independent blogs, they have more of an amateur or authentic feeling to them, and they’re free to listen to. You’ll have to do a little digging to find your favorites, but here are three to get you started: Let Me Hear It From You, Audio Orgasm, and Sounds of Pleasure.

Lush Stories

Lush Stories is a free audio porn site, but you need to register as a member to gain access to the erotica. The stories are written out for your reading pleasure with many genres and tags to explore. The most popular stories are turned into audio stories in high-quality MP3 audio recordings. So get reading!


Literotica is similar to the likes of Archive of Our Own and Wattpad, hosting original sex stories written by a variety of contributors and users for free. However, this site is explicitly only for people over the age of 18 and distinguishes itself from these other sites with a separate Audio Sex Stories Hub so you can listen, rather than read. Browse through its catalog to find the right genre for you, or click on the “Story Spinner” button, which will take you to a random story from the erotic audio stories category.

Bijoux Indiscrets

This sex toy company, aside from their accessories, fashion, and cosmetics, also offers an “Orgasm Sound Library” for your sexual pleasure needs. The introductory video on their site demonstrates how traditional porn creates fictional perceptions regarding the female orgasm. This audio porn project has the objective to reveal “the real sound of female pleasure” and invites women to upload anonymous recordings of their real orgasms. There are over 177 pages of free short recordings, so you likely won’t run out of options to listen to.

Vibease Chat

Vibease Chat is a companion app to Vibease Vibrator. The Vibrator can sync with narrated erotic audiobooks from its app. However, you don’t have to own the Vibrator to enjoy this resource — you can use the app alone, and their library has both free and individually purchasable stories.


Notably created for women, by women, the Dipsea app is free to download with limited use. You can purchase unlimited access to their full library of audio sex stories and wellness content for $5.99/month with the Annual Plan or pay $12.99 monthly. The wellness section has how-tos, guided exercises and sessions, and pointers. The huge Dipsea library is a treasure trove of informational and inclusive content. Check out their site for clips of their audiobooks. They also have LGBTQ+ settings, as well as non-binary content.

With these audio porn resources, real pleasure can be dispersed — for the content creators, and for ourselves.

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