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5 Ways You Can Upgrade Your Shower Routine For Glowing Skin – and a Clear Mind

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There are arguably few things better than ending a busy day with a hot shower. But, let’s be honest – the shared bathrooms in most dorms aren’t the most luxurious places to bathe and unwind after a long day filled with back-to-back classes, homework, and study sessions.

Because your shower time in college acts as both a way to relax your body *and* your mind, you deserve to enjoy it fully. So, here are five ways you can upgrade your shower ahead of the Fall semester!

Add new products to your routine.

One way to upgrade your shower routine is to add some new products into the mix that help you to destress – like the products from Tree Hut’s newest line, Moonlight Glow! Each product – from the Shea Sugar Scrub to the Wellness Mist, to the Whipped Shea Body Butter – is designed to promote relaxation and a deep sense of calm, which is super helpful when you’re feeling anxious about your upcoming exams or the date you have this weekend. 

With ingredients like Snow Mushroom, Crushed Amethyst, and a modern Aromatherapy blend, the Moonlight Glow products not only exfoliate and moisturize your skin but also help you restore the balance between your body and your mind so you can confidently ace your test or make a glowing first impression.

Moonlight Glow
Wellness Mist, $9
Moonlight Glow
Shea Sugar Scrub, $9
Moonlight Glow
Whipped Shea Body Butter, $9

Pack comfortable shower shoes.

If you’re headed to college for the first time and have never shared a bathroom with people outside of your family before, then the thought of wearing shoes in the shower might seem a little funny. As strange as it will feel not being barefoot while you bathe, it’s sanitary and will protect your feet from any fungus and bacteria that might be hanging around in the shared space – so shower shoes are a must. 

Before you bring your old rubber flip-flops to school, be sure to try them out in your shower at home to check and see if they’re comfortable, drain and dry quickly, and are sturdy so you won’t be slipping and sliding around while showering after a sweat sesh at the campus gym.

Embrace the “me time.”

As much fun as it is having roommates, seeing your besties on campus daily, and socializing with your classmates, it can also be exhausting and might be hard to find alone time. So, embrace the time you have in the shower solo. Blast your favorite playlist and sing along at the top of your lungs, let the water relax you, and gently massage your shower products – like the Hydrating Shea Sugar Scrub and Hydrating Foaming Gel Body Wash from Tree Hut’s Ocean Glow line – into your skin. 

The products in the Ocean Glow line transport your shower to a peaceful oasis, with marine-inspired ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Rainbow Algae, and Green Microalgae, providing healing, restorative, and rejuvenating feelings. The ingredients and the scents bring balance and harmony, hydrate your skin, and bring your shower time to a new level. Continue restoring your balance and embracing your me-time by locking in moisture while using the Ocean Glow Hydrating Whipped Shea Body Butter after you get out of the shower!

Ocean Glow
Foaming Gel Body Wash, $11
Ocean Glow
Shea Sugar Scrub, $11
6 1
Ocean Glow
Whipped Shea Body Butter, $11

Moisturize during and after your shower.

No shower routine is complete without hydrating your skin! And, thanks to the products from Tree Hut’s Tropic Glow line, you’re able to moisturize your skin during and after your shower. 

Start with the firming and energizing Tropic Glow Sparkling Gel Body Wash and Tropic Glow Firming Shea Sugar Scrub by massaging it gently into your skin while bathing – it’ll be great to exfoliate and moisturize before shaving! Then, because shaving with a razor can sometimes leave your skin feeling dry, add the Tropic Glow Shave Oil to make sure that you can have a smooth glide without itchy stubble, dry skin, and nicks and bumps. 

Once you’re dried off, apply the Firming Whipped Shea Body Butter! Moisturizing while your skin is still damp will help your skin to absorb all of the hydrating ingredients, like the Cupuacu Butter, Guarana Extract, and Pistachio Seed Oil, bringing out your inner glow and leaving you feeling confident, positive, and radiant. Finally, top your shower off with the Shimmer Mist to lock the delicious scent in your skin for lasting freshness!

Recite positive affirmations while you shower.

Showering is one of the easiest places to practice mindfulness. You have time to yourself to clear your head, won’t get caught in a toxic social media scroll, and are away from the everyday distractions of college life. 

The next time you shower, introduce positive affirmations to create a more mindful and peaceful space. Whether you repeat them out loud or think them to yourself while the hot water hits your skin, you’ll step out of the shower feeling relaxed from your head to your toes, while glowing both inside and out. 

And don’t forget to add products from the Tropic Glow collection from Tree Hut into your positive shower routine, as it helps to promote confidence and positivity, and bring out your inner glow – just like affirmations do. 

Tropic Glow
Sparkling Gel Body Wash, $11
Tropic Glow
Firming Shea Sugar Scrub, $11
Tropic Glow
Firming Whipped Shea Body Butter, $11

Anyone else excited for their first shower back on campus this semester? 

Head to treehutglow.com to add Tree Hut’s amazing products to your routine and get access to even more shower tips – like relaxing shower playlists, positive affirmations, and breathwork and meditation how-tos – which will help you keep your skin glowing and your mind clear all year long.

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