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Don’t Feel Bad About Rejecting Someone, It’s Normal

The opportunity to meet someone new is always a present. You could catch someone’s eye on campus or swiping on a dating app, and then suddenly you’re exchanging numbers with your potential love interest. It might feel like a commitment when you first obtain their number, but in reality, you don’t have to text them at all. The choice is all yours when it comes to how you want to navigate the relationship and conversations. 

However, stress-free transactions when someone wants your number aren’t always that common. If you feel as though you’re being forced into an uncomfortable situation and you don’t actually want to give out your personal info, follow these steps to protect your safety. 

Dial, then delete

In situations where you have more leeway, the person pursuing you might prompt you to input their number instead. Don’t panic, you can always just type and not save. Giving the illusion can be a lot better than hurting someone’s feelings. Bruised egos could cause a poor decision to be made. Although this may seem like a less straightforward method, it still gets the job done. Once they walk away, you can secretly get rid of their number and get rid of the possibility of them appearing on your screen. 

When you delete their number, this will give you relief because you may feel pressured to text them first. 

Do not commit 

Do not bother giving your info to someone who’s not worth your time. No matter how pressured you feel, how persistent they are, or how nice they might actually be, if you don’t want to give out your number you don’t have to. 

Consent is a foundational concept for any type of relationship. Make sure that you go with your gut and stick to your final answer. Don’t commit to any dates and any unwanted advances. Make sure you’re committing to someone who is worth your time. You want to develop a relationship that’s meant to be, not one that’s temporary. 

Take these steps to lead a no-saving-number life. You will save yourself time and not have to worry about drama or miscommunication.

Larry is the feature writer at Her Campus covering entertainment, lifestyle, and relationship news. He is a huge fan of Ariana Grande. Also, he is always providing helpful tips on how to be your best self. When he’s not writing at HC, he is either working out at the gym, exploring coffee shops, or touring the city for the best pizza spots. 
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