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Avoid Ingrown Hairs With These 5 Pubic Hair Removal Aftercare Products

So, you did it. You shaved, waxed, sugared, Nair-ed, or even plucked away your unwanted pubic hair. Now, for the next 30 minutes, is the time to enjoy your Barbie-smooth nether regions. But beware: the smoothness doesn’t last forever, and pubic hair removal can end up being more uncomfortable than it was beforehand.

I’m talkin’ ingrown hairs. Constant itching. Inflammation out the wazoo. And while this can seem inevitable after pubic hair removal, there are aftercare products that can make pubic hair regrowth less painful—maybe even to the point where you can wear jeans. Wild.

Take a few extra minutes out of your shaving routine, and treat your bikini area with one of these 5 pubic hair removal aftercare products. And no, your hair conditioner isn’t one of them.

1. Gillette Venus Daily Soothing Serum

Gillette is known for making great quality razors—including some specifically designed for your pubic area. So, it’s no wonder that their Venus Daily Soothing Serum is an effective treatment to battle ingrown hairs and inflammation. Made with no artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances, this product is safe for sensitive skin. Not to mention, it’s pH balanced, so it won’t disrupt your pubic skin’s health.

TO USE: Simply apply after shaving or waxing. You can also continue use as your hair grows in—resulting in softer and more comfortable regrowth.

Gillette, $16

2. FUR Ingrown Eliminator Serum

Some people prefer to keep their body hair, others choose to remove it. And Fur makes products for both. Their products are clean, gentle, and formulated with natural ingredients to keep body hair and skin moisturized and healthy. For those that choose to remove their pubic hair, Fur’s Ingrown Eliminator Serum works to keep skin healthy and clean during hair regrowth—thus reducing things such as irritation and ingrown hair. Sign me up!

TO USE: 24 hours after hair removal, or when ingrown hairs appear, apply liberally to your pubic area for an itch-free relief treatment.

FUR Ingrown Eliminator Serum #1

Fur, $36

3. Bliss Ingrown Hair & Razor Bump Eliminating Solution

Not only does Bliss have adorable packaging, but this brand also creates high-quality, effective skincare treatments. The Ingrown Hair & Razor Bump Eliminating Solution is formulated with salicylic & glycolic acids that exfoliate your skin and keep your follicles clean during regrowth.

TO USE: 12 hours after shaving (or 24 post-wax, apply lightly to your bikini area with a cotton pad. Avoid any internal contact!

Bliss, $20

4. truly Cooka Concentrate Ingrown Serum

Truly has a rep for creating aesthetically pleasing products. So, not only does the Cooka Concentrate Ingro butwn Serum look cute on your shelf, it also relieves your skin of ingrowns, irritation, and itching. This serum is made with ingredients like lavender, tea tree, and jojoba oil, which help exfoliate and keep skin soft during hair regrowth.

TO USE: Apply to the pubic area, focusing specifically on areas where ingrown hairs are most common.

Truly, $28

5. Buff Experts Glycolic & Green Tea 3-in-1 Exfoliating Pads for Body

Finally, the Buff Experts are, well, just that—a brand that has mastered the art of comfortable body hair care. The Glycolic & Green Tea 3-in-1 Exfoliating Pads are perfect to use on your face, armpits, legs, and (especially) your pubic area. Made with BHAs that unclog and deep clean pores to treat and prevent ingrown hairs, and AHAs to banish dead skin and razor bumps, these pads are your new best friends when it comes to bikini hair removal aftercare.

TO USE: After shaving, cleansing, and drying skin, swipe wherever you get razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or KP. 

Buff Experts, $29

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