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The time for end-of-year-recaps is officially upon us. Everybody on the interwebs is going crazy ranking the best albums of 2010, the best movies, the best inventions. TIME magazine makes like that guy from High Fidelity and lists, literally, everything.

There is an awful lot to rank, readers. It’s been a big year. The oil spilled. The Wikis leaked. The earth quaked. We said goodbye to Alexander McQueen and J.D. Salinger—who, to be fair, said goodbye to the rest of us, like, sixty years ago when he turned into a social recluse and moved into the woods. We watched Leonardo DiCaprio spin a magic dreidel and steal our dreams. We rallied to restore sanity. We cried at Toy Story 3. We vuvuzela-ed. We demanded to be taught how to dougie. We asked and told before the 25th, which means Senate can continue to believe in both Santa Claus and Christmas miracles. And to all a good night, indeed.

While other news outlets might want to focus on, well, news, here at Her Campus, we know what really matters when you look back on the past twelve months of your life. How do you measure a year? We do it Jonathan Larson-style: in love.

We’ve ranked the best and worst love moments of the year, all the greatest and most tragic matters of the heart, be they fictional or factual, weddings with broken glass or relationships ending with broken hearts, national obsessions or stuff that maybe only two people in the world care about but one of them wrote this story so it makes the list anyway (if you want to do something about it, join the liberal media elite!). Did your favorite—or most hated—romance-related occasion not make the list? Post it in the comments. First, read on for the Her Campus rating of all things 2010 love.

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Jess (Penn ’11) left her Pleasantville-esque hometown of Berkeley Heights, New Jersey to study English and creative writing. At Penn, she has been an editor of 34th Street magazine and its blog, underthebutton.com. Jess is also the Adventure Editor of The Lost Girls travel website. If you find a way to score her Bruce Springsteen tickets, she’ll probably marry you or at least make out with you. She had a pretty deprived childhood (no TV allowed on school nights) and is compensating for lost time by consuming pop culture like Don Draper downs martinis. This summer she worked as the entertainment intern at Seventeen magazine, where she hugged Kellan Lutz. Unrelated fun fact: Jess is a book nerd who will read just about anything that is not a Twilight book. Sorry, Kellan.
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