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Beginner Meditations For When You’re Stressed About School & Really Need To Love Yourself More

Whether you’re still new to college life or are a grizzled, world-weary upper classman zombie-walking through the library, you know that college is just really hard. There’s so many things that demand your attention and energy — work, school, the news cycle, friendships, relationships and even just trying to like yourself a little bit. Everything is a lot. All the time. And it’s super tough to find a way to process it all and take care of yourself in between all those things. 

That’s why Her Campus collaborated with the lovely folks at the Meditation Studio App to develop meditations written with college women in mind. We talked about tests and studying and stress that hounds your days, the very real and acutely-felt anxiety of working toward a degree while trying to plan for the future and we’re so happy to share that they’ve released a number of these meditations on their app (which you can get for iOS here.) Their awesome teachers can guide you through meditations that deal with a number of those all-too-real experiences (written with you in mind) — you can slow down, you can breathe and you can give yourself a tiny (but powerful) gift of a mindful moment that’s just for you. 

Do you have a few minutes to chill? Because we even have two free sample meditations for you to try out on the DL:

Cultivating Self Love by Chrissy Carter

(Insta: @yogachrissy | Facebook: @chrissycarteryoga)

Reduce Exam Anxiety by Faith Hunter

(Insta: @spirituallyfly | Facebook: @spirituallyfly)

And, hey, maybe you’re not the new age-y woo-woo type who looks cute in harem pants or takes those terrifyingly flexible (if beautiful) acro yoga pictures on the quad. Maybe you aren’t in touch with that gooey part of yourself that cries less and juices more, or have no idea how to go about getting there. But none of that is required to get something real and worthwhile out of meditation anyway (whether it’s a regular or sporadic practice).

Give it a try and maybe you’ll discover something new about yourself. 

You can read more from college women about mindfulness, meditation and spirituality & be sure to check out our collaboration with the Meditation Studio App.

Katherine (or Katie) is the News Editor and resident witch at Her Campus. She first fell in love with journalism while attending SUNY New Paltz ('14). Since then, she has worked on the staffs at MTV News and Bustle writing about politics, intersectional social issues and more before serving as staff researcher at Lady Parts Justice League. Her work has been published in Women's Health, the Daily Dot, Public Radio International (PRI) and WNYC and she's been a regular panelist on a few podcasts (mostly screaming about repro rights.)  She is a Libra with a Taurus moon and a Scorpio ascendant, which either means nothing or everything. She loves strong diner coffee, reading tarot for strangers at the bar and watching the same three horror movie documentaries. She lives in the Hudson Valley with too many animals.     
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