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The 9 Types of Facebook Posts Guys Hate

There are many things we collegiettes do that guys just don’t understand, and our Facebook routine is one of them. No one wants to be that annoying Facebook girl who overshares every little detail about her life, friend requests everyone within seconds of meeting them, or posts 25 over-edited photos from the same occasion. Her Campus talked to real college guys to learn what annoys them the most about your Facebook so that you can stop committing these oh-so simple, but overly annoying Facebook behaviors before he defriends you.

1. Too many check-ins

“Monica Green was at the grocery store with Emily Sharp and 2 others.”

“Checking in” all the time is like giving everyone an open invitation to stalk you. It’s a habit some of us love (checking in, not stalking), but according to the guys, we should probably stop notifying the world of our whereabouts. He doesn’t care what road you’re on or where you ate dinner. And he definitely doesn’t want to see what bar you’re getting drunk at. According to David from the University of Illinois, girls who constantly check in think everyone cares where they are, but it’s just plain annoying to him. You mean, you don’t think I’m more popular now that you know where I am all the time? Save the checking in for vacations or special events. Although he doesn’t want to see your location 24/7, he’ll probably enjoy your check-in at the finish line of the marathon you’ve been training for all year or a photo and check-in at the Rocky Mountains.

2. Photoshop overkill

“New pic. What do you think?”

Yes, it’s fine to hide some of your minor flaws with Photoshop (we all do it once in a while), but it’s not fine to make your hair three shades lighter, turn your hazel eyes bright blue, or change your cup size to DDs. He can tell when you look like a really tan, super skinny version of yourself and I doubt you want him to think you’re one of the girls from Toddlers in Tiaras. “It’s obvious the photo has been edited and it makes the girl seem fake,” says Tony* from Michigan State University. You’re not fooling anyone. David thinks super-Photoshopped photos are a pain. Do the guys a favor and save the photo-shopping for your modeling portfolio.

3. Lovey dovey status updates about your new relationship

“I’m in love and I don’t care what anyone thinks. Enchanted to meet you. Love cures all.”

Guys hate the lovey dovey statuses you post about your new relationship. You might as well force him to read a sappy romance novel because he feels just as tortured reading the status updates about your boyfriend and how in love the two of you are (even though you’ve only been dating for a week). Calvin* from UNC-Chapel Hill says it’s annoying “when girls get in relationships and then all of a sudden they post song lyrics expressing how much they ‘love’ their new boyfriend. Like Taylor Swift and stuff.” You don’t need to let the whole world know you’re head over heels in love. Instead, send your man a text or private Facebook message showing him you care.

4. Cheesy picture captions

“Follow your heart.”

This isn’t a scrapbook page or your high school yearbook, so stop trying to come up with clever picture captions each time you upload a new photo. The guys think it’s super annoying when you put cutesy captions by every picture. Ryan* from Loyola University says, “I hate seeing stupid sayings by girls’ photos like ‘no regrets’ or ‘yolo’.” If you can tell what the picture is from by looking at it, you probably don’t need a paragraph-long description. Save the picture captions for times when it isn’t obvious who or what is in the picture. And even then, say something that adds value to the picture; do not put a cheesy quote.

5. Whiny statuses

“My life sucks. Can one more thing go wrong today? I hate everything. Why did he leave me for her?”

Admit it, your life really isn’t so bad. Complaining about things isn’t going to make him drop what he’s doing and be your hero. In fact, if your statuses would give Negative Nancy a run for her money, he will probably defriend you. The passive aggressive statuses that contain song lyrics and just so happen to mimic your life are not his cup of tea. He will not read between the lines and fix whatever it is that you’re really complaining about. Zack from Michigan State University says, “I don’t like whiny statuses because they’re an obvious cry for attention, especially when they’re directed at a guy.” There’s never a time for whiny Facebook statuses. Instead, call your best friend and vent to her!
6. Too many pictures

“Can you take our picture?”

Taking excessive amounts of pictures is one of the things we love, but guys just don’t get it. “I don’t want to see 28 pictures of the same girls at the same bar fake posing,” says Josh from the University of Michigan. Gedde from Oakland University says one of his pet peeves is when girls take a random “cute” picture each day and post it on Instagram and Facebook. Try not to include 87 photos in your next album because we know guys don’t want to see all of the Photoshopped variations. Pick the best photos from each event and only post those.

7. Liking guys’ mirror pics

You might be wondering why the guys would even care about this, but as Tom* from Western Michigan University explained to us, “When girls like other guys’ shirtless mirror pics, they show up on my newsfeed and I hate it.” Tom doesn’t want to see half naked man on his wall and neither do most guys. He’s just jealous that you never liked the mirror pic he posted back in high school! But seriously, it makes you look desperate for attention. Do everyone a favor and don’t ever ‘like’ guys’ mirror pictures.

8. Pictures and statuses about drinking and blacking out

“Omg, I’m so wasted! Shots, shots, shots. Going to the bar. Agh this hangover sucks!”

Unless you’re entering into the world’s largest drinking contest, your Facebook friends will survive without knowing that you like to get drunk. A guy doesn’t need to see an entire breakdown of your drinking adventures, nor does he want to. Jake from Kettering University says he doesn’t like it when girls post pictures of themselves or other obviously drunk people, especially without consulting the people in the pictures. Really? We thought the vodka cranberry brought out your manliness. But seriously, the guys are on to something: drunk pictures aren’t very flattering, even to the most photogenic of us.

9. Documenting your whole life via Facebook

“Omg just got paid!! Stomach problems. Hm, what should I do tonight?”

He doesn’t care that you had a dentist appointment this morning, just got your first paycheck, have a hangnail that hurts really bad, bought a new pair of shoes, and are excited that your best friend is turning 21 in 3 days, 4 hours, and 20 seconds. Just like checking in too much, this is one behavior he’d like to see you quit—stat. “Facebook shouldn’t be a diary of your whole life,” says Justin* from Arizona State University. Only post the really important stuff, like the shots you’re taking at midnight on your best friend’s birthday.

There you have it, collegiettes—some of the things that annoy guys most about your Facebook habits. We’d love to hear what annoys you most about guys’ Facebooks. Share with us in the comments!

Erica Avesian is a successful young professional in the marketing industry. In her current role, she plans and executes high-end events and marketing projects for a variety of luxury and automotive clients. Erica has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Michigan with specializations in Communication Studies and Writing. She is an experienced writer who loves blogging about her personal experiences as a college girl and writing how-to guides for recent grads. When she's not writing, you can find her styling outfits for her best friends, traveling with her family, and hanging out at her happy place, Starbucks. Erica is obsessed with fashion magazines, Disney, and the color pink. In the future Erica would love to start her own online publication or be the next hit talk show host.  
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