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Waking up to a mushy good morning text from your SO and spending hours on end together are special, but sometimes these relationship perks don’t stand a chance against the ones that come with flying solo. Here are nine times when you’re actually really happy to not have an SO.

1. When there’s a cutie in your class

Ready, set, mingle.

2. When you have a really specific craving for Chinese food for dinner

You don’t need to make sure your SO would be down for General Tso’s chicken—no one’s taste buds matter but yours.

3. When you don’t feel like shaving for a few days (or weeks)

Letting your hair grow everywhere is the definition of happiness.

4. When you unleash your PMS monster

Sorry not sorry.

5. When you want to break out your collection of chick flicks

And embrace your ugly-cry face until the wee hours of the morning.

6. When you don’t have to worry about bad breath

A make-out sesh is nowhere in your near future, but eating a cheeseburger with onions definitely is.

7. When your girls’ night goes way past curfew

Phone off, dancing pants on.

8. When you go on an eight-hour shopping spree and no man is there complaining

It’s all in a day’s work.

9. When you don’t have to share the pizza you ordered with anyone

Plus the pint of ice cream you plan to devour afterwards.

Nina Aghadjanian is a versatile multimedia journalist who graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a Bachelor's Degree in Literary Journalism and minor in Management. She is a former Fashion and Lifestyle Production intern at E! News, an editor at UC Irvine's Her Campus chapter and an on-camera reporter at Anteater Television, a student-run news program. Nina's other previous roles include remote Contributing Writer and Blogger at Her Campus, the number one global online community for college women; editorial intern at Byrdie, an online magazine devoted to all things beauty that was launched by the creators of WhoWhatWear.com; and social media manager at Party Bravo, an online wedding directory. Nina is an aspiring on-camera entertainment news correspondent and digital magazine editor with an obsessive attention to detail in writing and superb reporting, interviewing and interpersonal communication skills. She is equally adept at managing multifarious projects and meeting tight deadlines, always doing so with an intent to increase productivity without cutting quality. When Nina isn't monitoring celebrity whereabouts, new haircuts and breakups like a hawk, she's perusing glossy and digital fashion magazines and thinking of more reasons why Los Angeles, not Disneyland, is the happiest place on earth. Nina is eager to build on her love for editorial and encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, celebrity, beauty and fashion. Contact Nina directly at aghadjanian102@gmail.com or connect with her via Instagram @sincerely_ninaa.
Cassidy is a Digital Production intern at Her Campus. She's currently a junior studying journalism at Emerson College. Cassidy also is a freelance reporter at the Napa Valley Register and a staff writer at Her Campus Emerson. Previously she blogged for Seventeen Magazine at the London 2012 Olympics, wrote for Huffington Post as a teen blogger and was a Team Advisor at the National Student Leadership Conference on Journalism, Film, & Media Arts at University of California, Berkeley and American University in Washington, D.C.. When she's not uploading content to Her Campus or working on her next article, Cassidy can be found planning her next adventure or perfecting her next Instagram. Follow her on Twitter at @cassidyyjayne and @cassidyjhopkins.